Weekly Plans - Week 33 (May 6-10)

This upcoming week is a busy one!
It's Catholic Education Week across our board and our school is putting on an Art Show. I'll be sure to share pictures of that next week!
We are also going on a field trip to watch a fun production!

Last week we introduced our students to the FREE website www.sketch.metademolab.com where students can draw an image on a white piece of paper and then take a picture, upload it and watch it come to life through animation! They loved it!

Mother's Day is coming up next weekend and our students will be working on these adorable books to take home...click the link below if you'd like to download for FREE!

Here's a look at our centres this week:

Can you make a symmetrical butterfly?

Spin, read and draw the CVC word. The spinner is from Amazon - click HERE for the link.

Spring pattern blocks - these are a FREE download from pre-kinders.com

Can you stir up a storm? Pick a card and add that many to your bowl.

We've been talking all about different types of books to write and we added these paper for students to create their own "All About Letter..." books. I paired my Alphabet Readers here also because they follow the same format and students can get inspiration from them!
You can find the lesson for this, along with the reproducible books, in my "I Can Write! Pack 2" in my TpT store.

We are wrapping up our Dinosaur Inquiry this week - students will be presenting their research and adding their dinosaur paintings to our large mural in the hallway.
At our Science and Discovery Centre we set up an invitation for students to explore colours!
When you place your hand on those boards, they change colour!

In our fine motor small group we will have students use tweezers to pick up popcorn kernels and add them to the spots inside these rubber bath mats.

At our light table, students can use these loose parts to follow different lines.
We used this same invitation way back at the beginning of the school year, too!
You can download these templates for FREE HERE.

Find everything you need by clicking below!

The subtraction mats our students used last week are now placed at the Math Centre if they would like to continue to work on that.

In religion, our virtue this month is responsibility.
We will be reading the story But It's Not My Fault and playing a fun game about being honest.
You can follow along with all of our religion lessons and games in my Religion - May pack in my TpT store.

In math we are continuing with our unit on Canadian Coins.
This week we will be working with our small groups on using coins to purchase things by playing grocery store.

We will also play this fun game...Money Drop!
A bunch of coins are scattered on the table/floor. I will call out a coin name or an amount and the students have to pick it up. It can get more challenging for those students that need it - sometimes the amounts are not necessarily the same as the coin value (I may say 20 cents or 60 cents!).

You can find everything you need to teach Canadian Coins in my math pack from my TpT store.

Here are my weekly plans if you'd like to download!

If you would like the editable version to modify this for your own class click HERE.  
The original blank PowerPoint file has been uploaded onto Google Slides but the formatting has changed.

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