Weekly Plans - Week 3 (Sept. 18-22)

Coming up this week our school will be focusing on Safety Week! Our poem of the week, "Stop, Look, Listen" focuses on staying safe as we have a number of drills we will be practicing.

Here are a few invitations for learning we set out:

At our Science and Discovery table, we added snails! This tied so well with our shell inquiry from the first two weeks of school. Since it rained yesterday afternoon, I found a bunch of snails (and a big thank you to Mrs. C. who also collected some for me!). Looking forward to seeing where this takes us!

We added orange food colouring in our water table along with plastic leaves and acorn for students to make "fall soup". I can't believe later this week we will be celebrating the first day of fall!

How many ways can you show the number?

At our playdough centre, students can use these "I am special!" mats to make themselves!
You can find these in my Catholic Religion - September pack!

Can you pick up the pom poms and sort them using tweezers?

Can you build a house for your family?

Follow the lines using gems at the light table!

You can download these line tracing templates for FREE by clicking below.

Bingo dab your name - a great way to practice fine motor skills!

We also had our Curriculum Night/Open House this week!
Here is the presentation that I use for families.

We also asked the students what the best part of kindergarten is and put this up on our classroom door
(original idea modified from Rebecca Moore on Instagram):

We will be starting sorting in math for the next 2 weeks!
I'll post some more pics as we go through our lessons this week so stay tuned!
You can follow along with what I have planned by downloading my Sorting in Kindergarten pack (click picture below).

Download my 2-week sorting plans for FREE by clicking HERE.

Here are my weekly plans if you'd like to download!

If you would like the editable version to modify this for your own class click HERE.  
The original blank PowerPoint file has been uploaded onto Google Slides but the formatting has changed.

Enjoy the weekend!

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