December 2021

It's nearly Christmas!!!  The countdown is on!

November 29-December 3, 2021
Our students are so very excited for all things Santa that we wanted to start the new month by reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas.  We created this large class Advent calendar!  Each day we will remove a "door" (number) and try the challenge underneath.  What I like about this is that some challenges extend to the families so students can try it at home!

I just added this to my December Religion pack so if you already own that please go back and re-download (I also added a few other fun activities/printables/lessons).

We will be starting with Measurement in math.  Our focus in Term 1 is only on length and height (which is actually so much fun to teach!).  I know it's probably one of the harder units for the students but we make our activities hands-on so they are all eager to try!

We start by using our names to discuss longer/shorter.
We build a co-created rules for measurement chart and refer to it often during the week.  I like to use my hands to show students where to start and stop.
This is one of the activities we start off with in small groups - using the pre-made Unifix cube strips (or you can use real ones) to measure zoo animals.  I also like to leave out a basket of plastic animals and various measurement tools and have students try it on their own.
For those students that need a little extra practise we will use these cards which already show how each item is measured (students have to count to find out answer) but I like these because we can reinforce our 4 measurement rules.
You can read more about how I teach measurement and download your 1-week lesson plans for FREE by clicking HERE

We will also be playing this fun game (all month long LOL!) - Christmas Cookie CRUNCH!
Reach into the tin and pull out a cookie.  Read the word - get a point!  But if you get the CRUNCH cookie you have to put all of your cookies back!

Here are a couple of provocations I set up for this week!
I thought the students would be interested in learning about magnets.

Who doesn't love Christmas time!?!?  Let's tell a Christmas story on this play mat (which is just a large piece of white felt I bought at Michaels years ago).  I painted extra blocks with acrylic paint to resemble houses.  And the plastic Christmas village pieces are from Dollarama a few years back.
You can download my weekly plans for FREE by clicking the picture below.

December 6-10, 2021
We are in full Christmas mode in the classroom!
With only a couple of weeks left before the holidays, we are finishing our Christmas presents to our families ( coming soon!) and wrapping up a few more small units in math.  This week it's all about number lines!
I love teaching number lines because the activities are very hands on.
We will start by building a large class number line together then work on rebuilding it in small groups (you can even print these one per student to make).
A fun game to play is guess my number!

My students love the end of the day because I usually set aside 15-20 minutes to play a game, read a book, or do a fun activity.  I made this Guess What? Christmas game over the weekend to get ready for Christmas!
I project the slide on my interactive whiteboard and read the clues.  
Then I slide the bar to reveal the answer!

Here's another favourite we play throughout the year - I just switch the theme - this one is all about Santa!  It's called Find It! Santa -> you hide the Santa picture behind one card, students choose a card and read it, then reveal what's behind! If they find Santa they win!
*These packs are EDITABLE and also come with ready-made cards including 30 sight words and number cards to 10 in a variety of ways (numerals, tally marks, dice, etc.)*

Next week we are gearing up for a big VIRTUAL field the North Pole! SHHHHH it's top secret!
This will take us a couple of days to do as there are SOOOOOO many activities included! I can't wait!

You can download my weekly plans for FREE by clicking the picture below.

November 2021

I can't believe that November is just about here!  We focus a lot on seasonal changes, peace and kindness throughout the month.  Take a closer look at my weekly plans!

Nov. 1-5, 2021
We will be starting the new month learning about the virtue of justice.  This is always a hard one so we've prepared a couple of great books and a fun game where students can act out different scenarios.

All of the activities we will be using for religion this month (including the one above) are from my November Religion pack.

My students LOVE games so I actually tweaked my weekly schedule to include a block nearly every day (at the end of the day) to play some whole group games.  We did this last year and they also enjoyed it!
Our focus is on learning simple sight words.  We learn a handful each month through our weekly poems, literacy games and more. 
I just made this game, Find Those Acorns!  Cut out sight word acorns and place in basket.  Students reach in and choose acorn.  Read the sight word and keep the card.  But....if you get a squirrel, place all of your cards back!

This week, during Writer's Workshop, we will be doing one of my favourite lessons - labelling!
I hand students a variety of stickers (which is always a hit) and they can label any pictures they like.  Most are able to write the beginning sound they hear and some Year 2 students can try and write the whole word!

You can find this lesson (and so much more!) in my "I Can Write #1" pack.

In math we are continuing to learn about patterning.
You can read all about how I teach patterning HERE.

This week we will be learning more about what a pattern core is by exploring AB, ABC, AAB, ABB and more complex patterns.  Students will be identifying, extending and creating their own patterns.
I set up a variety of provocations for students to try on their own.

This will be set up at our light table using loose parts.
Our culminating task will be to create a variety of patterns on our own using bingo dabbers.

We used these Google Slides interactive patterning templates to review patterns this week!  I put them up on our interactive whiteboard and had the students come up and make a whole bunch of them!
They were such a hit!
You can download these straight to your Google Drive for FREE by clicking the picture below.

You can download my weekly plans for FREE by clicking the picture below.

Nov. 8-12, 2021
This week we will be focusing on Remembrance Day (which falls on November 11).  Students will learn about the significance of the poppy and how to be peacemakers.

Here's our fun poem for this week!  This is a pocket chart activity you can set up where you have your students re-build the poem, word by word.

A few years ago we had "Peace Week" in our class.  We read the book Peace Week in Miss Fox's Class.  Each time we showed an act of kindness, we wrote/drew it on a strip of paper to create a chain.  It was amazing how long our chain was at the end of the week!
You can read more about it HERE.

We will be making these Peace Doves!
You can find this activity in my November Religion pack.

We also created some beautiful pieces of art!

Click HERE to see other ideas we did for Remembrance Day!

This is always a hit - Write the Room Remembrance Day

In our weekly Writer's Workshop lesson, we are learning to label our picture using beginning sounds and more!  I put this picture on our interactive whiteboard to model for the students before they tried it on their own:
You can find this in my I Can Write #1 pack in my TpT store.

Here's a fun and easy provocation we set up this week:
How many black beads can you pick up using the tweezers in one minute?
(One student even set up a chart to record answers!)

We will also be learning about seasonal changes.  Students have been enjoying time outside and have been noticing the leaves changing colours and falling down, the weather becoming much colder, and days getting longer.  I put together some fun, FREE activities you can download if you're interested!
We will be sorting trees, clothing and things that happen in each season.

There are wonderful books all about seasons available as a free download on Hoopla Digital.  
You need to sign up with your library card to access these amazing books.

You can download my weekly plans for FREE by clicking the picture below.

Nov. 15-19, 2021
This is a short week for me as we have parent-teacher interviews coming up Thursday evening and Friday morning.  We are also switching up our math units - for the next 2 weeks we will be teaching 2-dimensional shapes and moving our measurement (length & height) unit to December.  

We are going on a shape hunt!  Grab an iPad or clipboard and document all of the shapes you find!  You can do this activity either in your classroom/school or even outside!
We are going to be using these fun pointers to help us.

We will also be playing a few fun games including Roll & Cover and (my personal favourite...) What's In My Bag?

You can find these fun activities (and so much more!) in my 2-D Shapes in Kindergarten unit.

We are learning all about writing lists!  We brought in a grocery store flyer and brainstormed things we like to eat.  Then we learned to write them on a list!
You can find this in my I Can Write #1 pack in my TpT store.

In religion one of my favourite (and probably most useful!) lessons is on tattling versus telling.  Our health/drama teacher, Mrs. Benjamin, always does a few lessons on this as well, and I think it's so important for these little ones to know!
You can find more on this lesson from my November Religion pack on TpT.

We also set up this provocation - can you build a marble run?  I love this wooden set.  It's so durable and the children can create all kinds of different paths for the marble to travel.

You can download my weekly plans for FREE by clicking the picture below.

Nov. 22-26, 2021
This coming week we are starting to discuss Advent (which actually begins on November 28).
We will be creating these beautiful Advent wreaths!  
You can find this activity in my December Religion Pack.

We are also continuing with our 2D Shapes unit in math!
If you own this pack, please be sure to re-download it as I added in a few more fun activities, including these Bingo games!  One is matching shapes and the other is connecting real-life objects to each shape.

One of our fun provocations we set out this week (which goes so well with our shapes unit) is creating pictures using attribute blocks.  The story Mouse Shapes is one of my favs!

You can download my weekly plans for FREE by clicking the picture below.