June 2021

It's the final countdown!!!
(Please don't tell me I'm the only one singing that song LOL!)

May 31-June 4, 2021
June is our final month of school.  We are still on remote learning (not sure if/when we will be back in the classroom before school lets out!).  What's coming up this week?

All of the asynchronous activities I ask my students to choose from are found on my weekly choice board.  This pack for June has 4 weeks of activities (10 activities they can choose from each week -> religion slides have 12 activities).
We will be starting with Week 1.

We have a few inquiries on the go - planting, insects and my students have expressed interest in spiders (which, we found out last week, are not insects!).
(I'll post more pictures as we do our activities!  Be sure to check out last week's blog post to see more!)

Here's a great video all about plants and bees, too!  We will be watching it later on this week!

A new month means new religion activities!
This pack is full of hands-on activities and lessons and can easily be adapted for remote learning. 
We will be starting the month learning about integrity and playing a fun game all about being honest.

We will also be starting probability in math.
You can follow along with my daily lessons and activities by checking out these 2 resources below.

These are some fun June activities (made for Google Slides) that I will be using whole-group and small group coming up.  I also like assigning these to the class on Google Classroom.
Such a time saver!

Click the picture below to download my plans for this upcoming week!

June 7-11, 2021
My class is officially counting down until summer...3 more weeks!  As we will be continuing with remote learning for the remainder of this school year, I really want the children to help me plan and make the most out of our time together.
I set up this question on Jamboard.  Students learned how to use the sticky notes to write an answer last month (and they just LOVE it!).  The board quickly filled with all kinds of ideas!

Using these ideas (and just knowing what my students love!), here's what I have planned for next week:

Students can come wearing any colours of the rainbow!

We will be reading this story and then doing an art craft that I found on Pinterest - I call it "Magic Paint".  Most of my students don't have paint at home so we are going to make it ourselves!
Each student needs a piece of foil, a paintbrush or Q-tips to paint with, and water.  Colour the foil with marker, dip your paintbrush/Q-tip into water and then the marker and use it as paint.

We are also trying this Skittles experiment, turning them into a rainbow of colours!

I have a bunch of students who just love anything Super Mario!  So we had to plan a fun day!
We will be making Super Mario characters (I found a colouring sheet online and asked parents to print/draw the characters) and placing them on sticks or straws to use as puppets.  We will also make a background scene (similar to the brick background in the game) out of paper.  Taping that to the wall, students can hold up their puppet and shine a flashlight to have fun with shadow play!

We are also going to be doing our favourite Just Dance Mario videos!

My students enjoy these Art Hub for Kids videos and I found a simple one for us to try!

Check out this AMAZING virtual field trip to, none other than, THE NINTENDO HEADQUARTERS!  A very talented kindergarten teacher in our board made this video and shared with me...it is unbelievable!  Thank you, Ms. Santangelo, for your help planning our fun day!

We LOVE to dance!  I'll be showing students a variety of "learn to dance" videos from around the world.  We will also make our own maracas!

I found some great videos/dance tutorials on YouTube and put them together in this Google Slide.
Click the picture below to download for FREE!

Get ready to learn some magic tricks!

We are also going to have a virtual magic show - Brent and Sarah Magic Show - that our school subscribed to for us!  I'm excited about that!

Anyone want to travel to Paris? Yes, please!  Well, we are going there virtually!
Come dressed in the French colours - blue, white and red.

We are also going to try a challenge using plastic cups, blocks or whatever materials we have at home!
Can you make an Eiffel tower?  How tall can you build it?

And, of course, we must have a fashion show because Paris is one of the fashion capitals of the world!
Bring your dress up clothes and accessories, or make some from paper, and join in on the fun!
You can even have your students make their own French flag out of paper and a straw!

Let's take a trip to Paris!

We are, of course, going to also continue on with our regular scheduled lessons (HA HA!).
Here are my weekly plans if you'd like to take a closer look:

June 14-18, 2021
We had so much fun with our Countdown to Summer days last week that we are continuing this week...along with celebrating all dads/special men in our lives!

You can download this Father's Day Google Slideshow for FREE by clicking the link below.

We will having a "Father's Day Fiesta" on Friday morning just before lunch and serving chips and dip.  I found this very simple recipe for a dip (easy for kinders to do!) and we will also make lemonade.
Click below to download the recipes.

Here is the invitation we will making on Monday:

Here is the card we will making on Tuesday:

My students LOVE Disney characters - from princesses to Olaf and all of the superheroes!
We just had to do a Disney day!
We will be making Disney headbands to wear (Mickey or Minnie - just add her signature bow).
And, of course, going on a virtual field trip to Walt Disney World! There are lots of rollercoasters you can find on YouTube and a parent was kind enough to share her amazing Disneyland virtual classroom with us!
The Mickey/Minnie ears (headband) is a FREE printable from Lifestyle Disney blog.

Well, as much as I love Christmas, I can definitely wait until December to enjoy it!  I'm eager for more hot weather to arrive!!!
We will be making a few different Christmas crafts, listening to Christmas music and reading some Christmas stories.
Don't forget to wear red and green!

I found these perfect videos about famous artists that I will show the students and then we will be making our own replicas of their work!
We will be learning about Van Gogh and painting his Starry Night.
This is an amazing (and VERY EASY!) tutorial on how to draw The Starry Night.  We watched it and made our own using crayons (not watercolours).  Just pause the video every so often for all to catch up.

We will be learning about Matisse and making paper cut outs.

(I'm not the only one who is a big F1 fan - I have a student who watches the races also! LOL!)
Most of my students love anything to do with cars - back in the classroom we had a whole city built with roadways and buildings.  They love racing cars and I'm sure they are going to love constructing their own car out of blocks, Lego, marshmallows/toothpicks, anything!
We will also be watching this Art Hub for Kids video on how to draw a race car.

We did a HUGE Dinosaur Inquiry right before the April Break and my students still talk about it all the time.  So they all wanted a dinosaur day!
We will be having fun trying an experiment - making a volcano erupt!

I'll post more pics here as we complete the activities for the week so be sure to check back soon!

You can download my week-at-a-glance plans for FREE by clicking the link below.

June 21-25, 2021
It's our last full week of school!!!  Here's what we have planned:

We are heading to the beach and building sandcastles using anything we have at home.  We will also be designing kites!
There is an incredible website called This is Sand where kids can have fun creating pictures using sand!  My students absolutely loved this and all wanted to share their creations!

Students can come dressed up in their favourite costume!  We will be making some fun crafts and trying to escape a haunted house!

Pack your backpack for a day of fun!  We will be exploring all of the activities included in my new Camping Virtual Field Trip such as making (no bake) S'mores, fishing, bird watching, going on a virtual canoe ride, making binoculars and more!
You can find this trip here:

All of the students have been asking and asking to have a baking day.  This is a hard one because some parents may not be able to help.  We will be making fruit kabobs (which really don't require parent assistance as I asked parents to cut fruit the night before and just provide skewers for their students) and cupcakes.  For those students that will not be baking live with us, I told parents that their children can decorate the cupcakes (have them pre-made or bought) while we make ours or decorate ice cream.  We will be using these treats on Friday for our end of year celebration with all the kindergarten classes.

To celebrate our last full day of school, we will be joining the other kindergarten classes on Google Meet to say goodbye.  We have created End of Year Digital Memory Books for each of our classes, highlighting wonderful times this year through photos, and included a special section for our Year 2 "graduates" who will be leaving us to grade 1!
You can find the End of Year Digital Memory Book here:

If you would like to download the Celebration Cupcake recipe, click the picture below.
(Recipe from Ruffles and Rainboots)

You can download my week-at-a-glance plans for FREE by clicking the link below.

June 28-29, 2021
We have 2 more days!  Monday is our last live class (all morning) and the afternoon is asynchronous as teachers will be at school celebrating the grade 8 students.  Tuesday morning our class will be able to say goodbye in person at school (I can't wait!) and the afternoon is asynchronous.
Here's what I have planned:

We will be making ice cream in a bag!  My friend (and amazing kindergarten teacher, Diane King, shared her ice cream in a bag recipe which is super easy and fun!).
I found this great virtual field trip to an ice cream creamery which I will show the class.

We will also be dancing to KooKoo Kangaroo!

May 2021

We are starting the month of May with a week filled with Mother's Day crafts, songs, and a tea party!
I will post more pictures as the week goes on.

May 3-7, 2021
This week we will be singing a song all about our moms.  On Friday, before lunch, we invited the moms to join us for a Mother's Day tea.  You can find the poem I Love You Mommy in my May Digital Poems pack.

Here's what we plan on doing to prepare for the party:
Monday -> create invitations
Tuesday -> craft and card
Wednesday -> practice song/run through slideshow
Thursday -> make sandwiches (simple!)
Friday -> tea party!!!

During our small groups this week, I'll be taking some time to ask the students a bit about their moms.  We will be putting together this slideshow!
It's a FREE download in my TpT store if you'd like to grab it!

We also learned to make playdough!  I found this simple recipe from Australia's Best Recipes and retyped it so my students all had a copy.
You can download this recipe for FREE by clicking the picture below.

We will also be learning about Canadian Coins (this is one of my favourite units in math to teach!!!).  Since we are still remote, I'll be using both my Canadian Coins in Kindergarten pack (PDF) as well as my DIGITAL Canadian Coins pack.

Click the picture below to download my plans for this upcoming week!

May 10-14, 2021
This week we will be starting to explore planting!  I think it may be a little challenging given the fact that we are all still remote learning, but we will try!  We will start by discussing the difference between things that are alive and things that are not alive.  I'm going to ask students to bring seeds to plant this week (whatever they have at home - beans, corn, peas, apple seeds, etc.).  We will try planting a seed in soil, one in a bag with no soil but paper tower instead and another in the dark.  Then I will have students record what they notice!
I also showed the students how I planted the ends of lettuce and celery in water and we are watching it grow!  They are amazed!

We also learned about Mother Mary!  We listened to a story all about her, learned how to pray the Hail Mary, and did a directed drawing.  One of the ECEs that work at my school made this video last spring.  It's amazing if you are looking to try it too!

You can find more activities all about Mother Mary (and lots more to carry you throughout the month of May) in my May Religion Pack on TpT.

We also played a bunch of fun coin games to help us wrap up our unit on Canadian Coins.
What's in my hand?  Choose a coin.  Describe it!  This is easy enough that even the students can take turns being the teacher!

Create a menu!  Add prices using the amounts from the coins you taught your students and add larger amounts for students who need a challenge!

Coin rubbings!  To make this activity more challenging, I asked students to write the amounts beside the coin rubbings!

Here are my weekly plans!  

May 17-21, 2021
We will be continuing with planting as we take a closer look at our seeds this week.
The students have also expressed interest in the weather (which is finally starting to warm up again!) so I planned several activities about that!

I introduced telling time this week.  We explored the characteristics of a clock and made our own using simple materials from around our house.

Then we learned how long a second is, how long a minute is and had a great discussion about how sometimes a minute can feel so long and other times it can feel so short!  We also played "Minute to Win It" - students had to complete an activity in a minute and see how many they got (ie. how many times can you write your name in a minute? how many coins/blocks can you stack in a minute? can you move the cookie from your forehead to your mouth in a minute using no hands?)  The last challenge was my favourite!

You can find lots of activities on telling time in both my Telling Time in Kindergarten (PDF pack) or my Telling Time DIGITAL (Google Slides) pack.

For religion this week we learned the song This Little Light of Mine and made our own paper towel/toilet paper candles.  This activity is from my May Religion pack if you are looking for more fun!

Since we planted our own seeds last week, we continued to explore the lifecycle of a plant and I found this amazing video to show students all about how plants get nutrients from water.
Of course we had to try it too!
We put celery in coloured water for a couple of days and observed!
So cool!

Here are my weekly plans if you want to take a closer peek!

May 24-28, 2021
We will continue to learn about telling time (to the hour and half hour) through games and hands-on activities this week.  I will post more pictures by the end of the week!
I also just made these DIGITAL (Google Slides) Telling Time Bingo game which we will play at the end of the week to review time to the hour and half hour.  It's perfect since we are still with distance learning.
We also played a game called "What Time Is It, Mr. Wolf?"
You can read along to this story that I wrote by clicking below:
Then we used the clocks we made last week to show the corresponding time.
You can find the cards and this book in my Telling Time pack on TpT.

We wrapped up our month by continuing to say the Hail Mary each day.
We learned that this prayer is said many times on a rosary, so, of course, we made our own!  If students didn't have pipe cleaners or beads, they could use string/ribbon and pasta!  Works well also!
All of my religion activities throughout the month of May come from my May Religion Pack on TpT.

We are also going to be diving into learning about insects, specifically ones we can find in our backyard (and sometimes even in our house!).  The students have been interested in bees, as some have spent the warmer afternoons outside with their computer, and noticed them flying around.
We made insects using loose parts that we collected from our yard!  How cute did these turn out!?!?

I have a fun Garden (flowers and insects) virtual field trip which will be perfect to introduce later on this week!  I'm hoping students take more of an interest in insects and choose one to research!