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I've been working with each student individually over the past few weeks, getting to know them better by asking them their interests both at home and at school.  The first week of school, students had an opportunity to use loose parts to create their face.  I used this, along with a photo of them holding their name sign, to create this display.
I got this idea a few years back when I took the Kindergarten AQ course with Joanne Babalis.

I discovered these boards from Scholastic Canada (they are in their Classroom Essentials Catalogue) and knew they would be perfect with my Letter Formation Cards.  The pen is magnetic and when you trace over the letter, small balls come up to form the letter.  Students can use their finger to push the balls back down and start over.  
I can't tell you how much my students love these boards!
You can also find the boards on Amazon.

When I was little, Tetris was one of my favourite games to play!  These Pentominoes have been around for a long time and I set up this provocation for students to try and fill their cookie sheet!  It was much more challenging than it looks!
You can find these Pentominoes on Amazon.

I introduced this pocket chart activity - sorting picture cards by beginning sounds.  I left out a few letters to not overwhelm the students (these seems to be the sounds most students in my class knew so it was a good starting point).  I clip a Ziploc bag to the bottom of my pocket chart to store the cards.

You can find this activity in my Alphabet Picture Cards Sort pack on TpT.

Our colour inquiry is in full swing so I wanted to add this fun provocation at the light table - students used the coloured jewels and these rainbow mats to create a picture!

We have been working together on a math wall!  Students used buttons to represent the number in a 10-frame.  I took a picture of their fingers representing the number against a black piece of felt.  I also included a number poem to help us remember how to print the numeral.

You can download the 10-frame and number poems for free by clicking the picture below.

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