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It's beginning to feel like Fall in our classroom!

Students used these apple erasers I found at Target a few years back to count apples onto the mats.

I set up this provocation inviting students to choose a sight word leaf and write it in the coloured rice (you can also use sand or salt if you don't have rice!).

I like to have fine motor activities ready each week also and this was a hit!  Students used tweezers to pick up orange pom poms and fill the pumpkin!  You can also cut the holes out in the pumpkin mat and glue it onto a box so the pom poms drop inside.

Next week I've set up this centre as Thanksgiving is right around the corner for us!  Students match the coloured feathers to the turkey mats.

I've also got this activity prepped and ready to go as our Patterning unit will begin shortly.
I found these stampers at Oriental Trading - they are pumpkins, leaves, birds, apples, etc.  I've also seen them on Amazon, Michaels and sometimes even Dollarama carries something similar so keep an eye out!

You can find all of the above activities in my Let's Play - Fall pack on TpT.

Our Farmers Market is open for business at our Dramatic Centre!  Here students can order and make pies, sell fresh fruits and vegetables and even cook turkey for Thanksgiving dinner!

All of the printables you see are from my Farmers' Market Dramatic Play Center on TpT.

At our Sensory Centre, I added red and yellow food colouring to the water (to make orange) along with pumpkin and leaf jewels, a variety of scoops and sifters.  The students love collecting the jewels and making "Fall Soup".

I have students "poke" quite a bit!  Poking is simply using push pins around an outline of a picture or shape.  Once they push all the way around, the object comes out!  I have them glue it onto a piece of construction paper.  This is a great activity to work on fine motor muscles.  It's actually much more difficult than it looks!

The leaf poking activity is from my Poking - Fine Motor Fun! pack on TpT.

Wedgits have to be the most simple and fun toy out there!  They are these fun plastic-shaped objects in which students can stack and build.  I challenged the students to build as many different structures as they could, while documenting their work by taking a picture using the iPad.  I turned their documentation into a Pic Collage and posted it for all to see.
This challenge was such a hit I think I will leave these Wedgits out for a bit at our Blocks Centre. 

I have had many requests to share my 2019-2020 Long Range Plans.  I uploaded them to Teachers Pay Teachers as a free download!  
Click the picture below to download.

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