Weekly Wrap-Up -> Week 2

This week we focused on discussing how we are each special.  Our poem of the week was "I am Special" -> you can find this in my Rhyme and Chime pack on TpT.

I've been having my students sign in each morning using 10-frames.  We decorated a small card with our face the first week of school (you can also use a photo of the student).  I affixed a magnet on the back and used these magnetic 10-frames (they can be found on Amazon).
Lots of math can be learned with this activity:  How many students are at school today?  At home?  Who is number 7?  How many more to make 20?

Each morning we sing the Alphabet Song Book to help students remember letters and their corresponding sounds.  I also gave each Year 1 (JK) student a black and white copy for them to colour and practice at home.

This is a fun provocation I set up each year - because the faces are all different!!!
Use a bunch of loose parts, round cork boards (Dollarama) and mirrors and have students create their face.

Focusing on names is huge in kindergarten!  I read the book The Name Jar and we spoke about how we each have a unique name made up of letters.  I created these name cards (from Yukari at A Pinch of Kinder) and left them out with magnetic letters for students to build their name.

We open up our centres gradually in kindergarten.  Students must prove to use how they clean up, share materials, have gentle hands when using materials, etc.  This week we opened up our Paint Centre.  We start with one colour of paint and gradually added another colour each day. 

I introduced a very simple STEM (or STREAM in our school) activity this week.  Can you build a tree using small blocks and Popsicle sticks to hold letters?  How many letters can it hold?  Can you build your name on the tree?

My colleague, Ms. Cippollone, gave all of the kindergarten teachers some apples that she had leftover from picking them last weekend.  They weren't too good to eat so instead we used them for this math (1:1 correspondence and counting) activity.  

We worked on our self-portraits, having students draw their face with pencil and then I traced over it with a Sharpie.  Their name is below.  We dotted it using Q-tips and paint.  
You can download the Q-tip rainbow name activity from last week's blog post here.

I worked with Mrs. Petrone (RECE) for the past 6 years and this year, with my class of 15, I am alone.  She sang such great songs to the children that I knew I just had to continue that!  So I typed them up and created my own props.  
This is one of my favourite songs - you can search the song on You Tube if you aren't sure of the tune.  I made the donuts from felt, although you can use construction paper also!
You can download this printable song for FREE by clicking below.

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  1. Where did you find the metal tray for the names that you used with he name jar activity?


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