Weekly Wrap-Up...Week 1...with LOTS of freebies!

I survived the first week of Kindergarten!
It was great to be back at school and meet all my new students.  What a fun week we had getting to know each other and exploring the different centres and provocations.
You can read all about how I set up my classroom this year and download my Week 1 plans by clicking here.

I saw this activity a few years back on Pinterest and new it would be a hit (I don't know who originally made it but if you do, please let me know so I can give proper credit!).  I found these foam letters in the bath section at Dollarama and placed them all in a basket.  We sang this song as we passed the basket around.  Students chose a letter and said the name and sound.

I like to play a lot of games the first few weeks to have students feel comfortable with each other and the classroom environment.  This is a game I quickly made this week - have students roll the die and do that action (i.e. touch your toes).  I used pocket dice so you can easily slide these cards inside.  Pocket dice are a MUST in any K/primary classroom!  I use them for so many things!
You can find the dice on Amazon (I have created an Amazon store that lists many of my "must have" items if you'd like to check it out):

Click on the picture below to download this game for FREE:

We usually start the year by learning each other's names and think of a name activity to showcase on our walls.  I always like activities that focus on fine motor skills also so I came up with these rainbow Q-tip names.  I made the name templates on Power Point using KG Red Hands font (size 200) and then duplicated the slide to make additional names.  
You can download this activity for free (along with complete instructions on how-to make these) by clicking below.

I'm off to enjoy the must needed weekend!  Hope you enjoy yours also!

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