Hot Wheels Fun...with a FREEBIE!

This is our first year with Full Day Kindergarten and I am learning more and more about the program as each day goes on....and loving more and more of it!
It is a play-based program, which means that "play" is how children learn (and it is!). 
A month ago, Hot Wheels Canada contacted me and asked me to be a part of their FUNdamentals Learning Program, geared at Full Day Kindergarten teachers.
I loved the idea of using these popular toys in my classroom and seeing where we could go with the many possibilities.
This kit arrived a few weeks back and today was a great day to see what would happen when I brought it into the classroom.
The students noticed it right away and were anxious to get started building and creating using the tracks.
They had so much fun experimenting with all the different pieces and learning how fast their car could go!
We recorded all of the different times.
Some children even decided to try and make a bulls eye and launch their car into that.
We discovered that adding ramps can make the cars go slower or faster depending on which way they go on them.
The children loved adding tunnels to their project as well!
They even made a "car roller coaster"!  I can't wait to see where this will take us today!
If you'd like to receive your FREE Hot Wheels FUNdamentals kit too, click {here} to sign up.


  1. I wish this was available in the US. I know the kids would love it!!

    Down the Learning ROad

  2. Cool! kids will surely love these freebies. Wish I can also win these one.



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