Making a Rosary

As many of you already know, I teach in a Catholic school about 20 minutes outside of Toronto.  Our focus in May was learning about Mother Mary and reciting the Hail Mary prayer.
I wanted to dive a little deeper with prayers and why we recite them.
So I brought in a few different rosaries and we discussed the importance and meaning of them.
This rosary was created and sent to me by my sweet friend, Leigh Ann.
We set up a variety of pipe cleaners and beads at the Creative Table.  We also laid out some pre-made pipe cleaner crosses to attach at the end of the rosary.
And then the children got to work!
They made such beautiful rosaries!
And now, of course, they can use them while reciting the Hail Mary.
What a wonderful way to end this beautiful month of May!


  1. Mary was always my mom's favorite and I always find her in my prayers as well. What a lovely way to end May! :)

  2. So glad you were able to use the prayer beads to show your class!!!! Love the rosaries they made!!! How wonderful!!! Think of you so very often!!!

  3. How beautiful and blessed!


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