Father's Day FREEBIE!

It's almost Father's Day!!!
Before you continue reading this post, YES...we are STILL in school....for 11 more days!
I know, hang in there, right?  We are trying!
With Father's Day just around the corner, we decided to make something new and fun this year.
My teaching partner, Mrs. Visconti, made BBQ sauce in the past years with her students.  This year we decided to try a spice rub instead and were the kids every excited to make it!
Mrs. Visconti is such a creative teacher!  I love all of her ideas!
This morning, I brought in a new cookbook I recently got and showed the students all the wonderful recipes and pictures that were inside. 
We talked a lot about ingredients, which tied in nicely with list making (something a lot of students love to do!), and how to follow instructions in order for a recipe to come out the way it's supposed to.
I passed around small jars filled with various spices that we would be using and had the students guess what they could be.  They also described how each one smelled and which was their favourite.
The spices we used were pepper, salt, chili flakes, paprika, onion flakes, and garlic flakes.
We recorded all of the ingredients on a chart and discussed how we were planning to make our spice rub.
When the children came over to the table, the discussion focused around how much of one spice to use because they liked it, and how full our jars should be.
Then they got to work!  With the guidance of our ECE, the children measured, scooped and counted the number of scoops they put in the large bowl.  They mixed everything up.  Then they estimated and counted how many scoops it took to fill their jar.
Once everyone had a turn mixing and filling their jar, we gathered back on the carpet and recorded the steps we took to make the spice rub so that we could deliver it to Mrs. Visconti's class who would be doing it next.
The other day we took the students' pictures wearing a white chef hat and striped apron holding a wooden spoon.  Didn't these gifts come out adorable?!?!
On the back of the container we added the ingredients.  If you are still in school too and would like to create this for Father's Day with your class, you can click on the above picture for your FREE download.  All you need to do is take your students' pictures!
Happy Father's Day!

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