You've Got Mail!

I was really hoping to write this post this past weekend but something happened....the FLU invaded my house!
Yes, the dreaded flu got us all....first my son, then my daughter, then me and finally my husband yesterday.
It put me totally out of commission this past long weekend!
Well, I am FINALLY starting to feel a little better (I even got my appetite back today!) so I can share with you some fun things happening...
Last week, we turned our Dramatic Centre into a Post Office.  For the past couple of weeks, we have been talking about the themes of friendship and love, and we have been learning about different ways of writing messages to our friends.
This was a great way to introduce new vocabulary as well!
I showed the students how we can write postcards to friends by drawing a picture on one side and writing a message with an address on the other.  This was such a hit!
The students worked together as postal workers, some working as clerks, others stamping the mail, and being the mail carrier and delivering the mail was the best job of all!
Here are our mailboxes.  The mail carrier delivered mail each day and we all got to take our mail home at the end of the day!
I put a picture of each child holding a white board where they wrote their name for those students who are still learning to read their friends names.
There are a variety of stamps for students to use on cancelled mail (no name on in).
You could even buy boxes in a variety of sizes if you have a parcel to send!
Keeping our materials neat and tidy.
You can find all of the above ready-to-use materials (and lots more!) in my You've Got Mail! Dramatic Center Activity Pack.
It's on sale until tomorrow night!


  1. I just blogged about our post office as well! :) I am picking two mail carriers at the end of each day who I see being leaders, it's really helped turn the behavior around from all our crazy cooped inside recess days! Thanks for sharing such great pictures, I love how you organized yours.

    Fun in PreK-1 & Kinder

  2. Just purchased and opened post office in my after school program. The kids LOVE it!!
    Thank you and very worth the buy.


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