Digraphs - ch, sh, th

I can't believe it's already Sunday night!
Where does the weekend go?
So I've posted on digraphs before....you can read all about that here....and get these free posters too!
For the past few weeks we have been hard at work learning about beginning and ending sounds, and putting that altogether to figure out the medial vowel.
Well, now it's time to move on over to digraphs!
Those can be so tricky for some students!
So I made these new Write the Room - Digraphs Bundle which will help them learn those sounds.
You can also find them individually in my store.
And it just so happens that quite possibly one of the most favourite centres in the classroom is Write the Room, so I know that they will love this!
I'm telling you....it's something about giving a student a clipboard with a pencil attached, and asking them to go on a hunt around the room to find those words!
I always act so surprised when they find a word and tell them I didn't even see it there (no - I don't hide them in ridiculous places, I just tell them that to get them even more excited to do their work!).
I also added this to my Write the Room - The Complete Set, which now has 42 themes included and sells for less than half price if you were to purchase them on their own!
So if you own that, please go back and re-download so that you can get these new activities.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend (hey, we still have a few hours left!).

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