The Winter Olympics DIY medals....and a winner!

We are in full Olympic spirit at school!
Go Team Canada!
Since last week, the students started learning about all things Winter Games....everything from the symbols of the games to the sports being played and even the countries that are taking part!
This is a bulletin board display I made that we discussed today.  I only added a few countries I thought the kids would know, since some of the families are from there and those countries usually pick up several medals at the games.  But after our lengthy discussion this morning about countries around the world, I think I might have to go back tomorrow and edit this display to include many others!
I didn't realize how interested the children were in learning about the Olympics!  It all started last Friday morning when I read them a story I wrote about the Olympics and then we watched part of the opening ceremonies on our Bright Links board.
You can click here or on the picture above to take you to my book.
Tomorrow I'm having the students search for all words Olympic with my Winter Games - Write the Room activity.  This is one of my most popular centres!
We made torches today too!  The children loved learning the meaning and origin of the Olympic torch!  My fabulous DECE, Mrs. Petrone, made this door.  She is so creative!
We are also graphing how many medals Canada has won...hope this number keeps getting bigger!
Next week we will be having our very own Kindergarten Olympics day!
To celebrate the event, each student will receive their very own Olympic gold medal.
This is a picture of the front and back of the medal.  We glued them on to metal juice lids (the ones from the frozen juice cans) and tomorrow I'm going to attached ribbon to them.
If you'd like to create your own Olympic medal, you can click here for the download.  It's editable so you can put your own school name in and even change the grade!
And now on to the winner of my $10 Teachers Pay Teachers giveaway....
Congratulations!  I've already e-mailed you your gift card.  Happy shopping!


  1. LOVE the door and the graphing idea!!!

  2. Oh my goodness I LOVE the Olympic torch idea!! What a great way to incorporate learning about the 3D cone of my learning standards this year! I am only sad that I just got a chance to read this so the Olympics may be over by the time we return from school vacation on the 24th! Ha ha! I will be sure to do it next time! Thank you so much for sharing your incredible creativity with all of us! Sincerely, a Grateful K Teacher from Maine :)


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