Sight Word Fun!

I am constantly teaching and reinforcing sight words (also referred to as Popcorn Words in my classroom).  I teach 6 of them each month through poems, games, songs, worksheets, manipulatives, etc.  The kids LOVE learning new sight words (they think it's so much fun playing all of the games, little do they know how much they are learning!).  I thought I would share with you some things that I send home for parents to continue sight word practice.

The first download is sight word cards that I print on different colour paper (for each group of 6 sight words) and send home.  I make 2 copies for each student.  Parents cut them out and do the following activities with their child (this is the note I send home).  You can also use these flashcards in your classroom for games, word walls, guided reading activities or for students to keep in their literacy folders.

Please let me know if there are any other sight words that you would like me to add and I will create them for you.  These 48 words are the ones we teach all year.  Hope you find these useful!  I would love to know what you do with sight words in your class.


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