My little toolbox!

Slowly but surely I seem to be getting my things in order for back to's almost here...well, I start the first week in September but I know it's coming soon!  You have to remember that I was home this year on a mat. leave and so, for me, I feel as though I don't even remember what I have in my basement in those boxes.  Never mind HOW to teach...yikes!  Being out of the loop for a whole school year is scary!  I hope I remember what to do with those kiddies!  So I'm slowly crossing things off my list and this was a big one...getting my pocket chart activities organized (this is the part about the toolbox).  I LOVE using pocket charts, big and small, in my classroom.  It is a student favourite during Literacy Centre time.  I usually have two pocket charts available during Centre time.  The big one has a poem, sorting activity, name activity, or something that 2 or more students can do together and the smaller one usually has a fun, quick activity or something where just one student would be able to do on his/her own at his/her own pace.  I put out a variety of things for students to "spell" using small alphabet cards (i.e. names, sight words, CVC words, etc.)  I found a much better way to store a tool box....not sure where I got this idea from.  You see, when I see or hear about a great idea I write it down in my little teacher's notebook...problem is half the time I forget to write where or who it's from!  So if credit belongs to you, please let me know and I will include you in my post.  Here is a freebie for you - the cards fit in a tool box (I assume all sizes but double check before buying one).  I got this one at Walmart about a month ago.  I just used a label maker and wrote the alphabet out so students can easily put the cards back.  The drawers also house CVC word cards, sight words and student names from our class. 

Click on the pictures to download.  Just print on cardstock and laminate.

If you would like to see more ideas for your pocket charts, visit my TpT store.  I have a HUGE Math pocket chart package and a large coloured Alphabet package (the one included here is very small).

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