It's Moving Day!

Horray!  I'm finally moving all that stuff from my basement back into my classroom!  I hope I can get it all done today or else I am going to have to rename this post as "Moving Week!".  Ha!

Just wanted to share with you my caddies that hold all the pencils, crayons, erasers, etc. that each group needs at their table.  I have 4 table groups, colour-coded, so students can easily find their matching bin and take it to their table when they need it.

I actually bought these bins a few years ago when I was in Buffalo for the day, at the Walmart.  BUT....when I went to Walmart here (in Toronto) last night I found them too...on sale for $3 each!  Problem was there wasn't many colours (not that I need any more) so I just got a couple of black ones to use for craft days.

I'll explain how I set them up.  Glue, crayons, pencils and scissors are the basics.  I have an area for "Mr. Space" which is an idea I found online years ago.  It is just a popsicle stick with a smiley face on it and the kids use it to leave spaces between their words.  I actually don't introduce Mr. Space until the second month of school or so.

You can click here if you would like the labels for the caddies.

At my Writing Centre, I like to put a small 3 drawer plastic bin to house things students can use while at this centre:  stencils, pictures (clip art or magazine pics), tools (pencils, rulers, etc.).  I have a seperate container for markers and another one for crayons. 

Click on the picture for the labels for the Writing Centre.
Sorry for the bad picture.  As I was moving this upstairs I ripped the bottom label (guess what I will be making later?).

Wish me luck today!  I hope I can accomplish everything in one day!

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