If You Give a Mouse a Cookie - felt board fun!

I just heard that Ana from Ingles360 is having a Laura Numeroff linky party to celebrate this great author's birthday!  I just LOVE all of her books, especially If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.  In fact, I create a lot of felt board stories myself (it's super easy and much cheaper than buying them) and I have created 2 of Laura's stories for my students to use.  And it's a GREAT centre for the students which can easily be changed weekly with each story you read.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

If You Take a Mouse to School

Tip:  To make felt board stories, photocopy pictures that you would like to recreate and cut them out.  Tape them (all around) directly onto the felt and cut out with a great pair of fabric scissors.  If you want to cut out the mouse, say, in brown, tape the whole mouse onto brown felt.  If you want the mouse's overalls blue, like I did, just cut out the overalls and tape them onto blue felt.  Then glue the overalls onto the mouse (be sure to buy fabric glue).  You may have to photocopy the same picture twice to do this.  Then just decorate with fabric markers, googly eyes and glitter.  Really easy and fun!

I'll post more of the felt board stories I have made in upcoming posts (there are tonnes of them!).

Happy teaching!


  1. Now that is cute. You make it sound easy but I bet it isn't! I would love to make this!
    Kinder By Golly

  2. Instead of taping the pictures to the felt you can by elemer's spray adhesive. You just spray the felt and place your picture on top and press it down for a few seconds. Then you just cut out the picture. The felt sticks very well using this. It is a bit more durable when the kids are using them.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Been looking for an easy instruction like this and it's exactly what I'm looking for.


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