Weekly Plans - Week 11 (Nov. 13-17)

We have a short but busy week coming up!
At the beginning of this month the FDK classes switched back to indoor recess for morning and afternoon  (we still go out during the lunch block and have integrated Outdoor Exploration into our timetable throughout the week). This gives us a larger block of time to explore our centres and focus on our inquiry (which is all about leaves right now!).
On Halloween, we introduced our students to our Learning Buddies. They are grade 6 students who will we learn with once a week for one period. We will be working on technology with them (using Chromebooks), reading, playing, STREAM challenges and even going outside for Outdoor Exploration! Take a look at what we have planned each week on my updated week-at-a-glance.
Here's what we planned at our centres for this week:

We added this Autumn Vocabulary poster at our Writing Centre.

You can find this poster, and so many more, in my Writing Centre Vocabulary Posters pack in my TpT store.

Students can practice forming letters using chalk and mini chalk boards.
We paired this centre with these letter formation cards (the easels are picture frames from Ikea).

You can find these Letter Formation Cards here.

Our Dramatic Play Centre has been transformed into a Sandwich Shop!
Click the picture below to check this product out!

One student donated this fun game - Jenga Maker - for our Games Centre.

Can you create a leaf person?

Can you create your own game at the Light Table?

Since we are learning all about measuring, we added student name strips along with a variety of measurement tools and students can measure their name!

Can you use the tweezers to pick out the black beads?

In our small group mini lessons, we will be focusing on:

Playing Alphabet Bingo to reinforce letter identification and sounds.

Using our blending mat to build and read words.
We are following the UFLI manual so these are the sounds we have learned so far.
I paired this with my FREE CVC Picture Cards if you would like to download (click the picture below!).

We are also continuing with our measurement unit in math. This week we will focus on capacity and weight.
We will be comparing two objects on the balance and recording our findings.

For students that may need extra support with this concept, they can choose 2 objects from around the room and use their hands first, then the balance, to decide which object is heavy and which is light.

You can find all of these activities and so much more (if you are following along with my weekly plans) in my Measurement in Kindergarten Unit.

Here are my weekly plans if you'd like to download!

If you would like the editable version to modify this for your own class click HERE.  
The original blank PowerPoint file has been uploaded onto Google Slides but the formatting has changed.

Enjoy the week!

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