Weekly Plans - Week 9 (Oct. 30-Nov. 3)

It's Halloween this week!
We are getting ready for a fun-filled day on Tuesday, starting with our Dance-a-Thon, then Bingo with the grade 8 students and ending our day with some STREAM challenges with our grade 6 play buddies.

Here's a peek at our centres this week:

Can you make a haunted house?

Can you make a skeleton using loose parts? 
(This book/song is always hit by the way!)

Our pumpkin inquiry is taking a turn - we noticed that the students were very interested in exploring the seeds of the pumpkin. They had many questions about eating them, roasting them, and even why some pumpkin seeds are green! Then we started discussing other seeds we can eat.
So we set out various seeds (flax, pumpkin, pepitas, sunflower) for students to explore and this week we will roast and try our pumpkin seeds.

Earlier last week, our large pumpkin (that we had cut off the top to explore the inside) was starting to mold and soften. We decided to place it outside in the soil near our play yard, just like in the story Pumpkin Jack that we read. Now we wait and see what happens to it!
We did keep a small piece and will be placing it in this small compost bin to watch the transformation over the coming weeks.

We also invited students to predict and count how many seeds were inside our pumpkins!

As we carved this smaller pumpkin this week as a class, we learned the Pumpkin Prayer (author unknown) and read this sweet little story.

You can find this activity in my October Religion pack.

Parents have been donating craft materials for our MakerSpace Centre so we set out this activity for students to create their own ghost!

At our Pocket Chart Centre this week we set out the game Find It! Halloween.
Hide the ghost behind a card. Call out the card and see if you can find the ghost!
You can click the picture below to get your copy!

In our small group "Letter i.d. and sounds" group, we are playing an "I Spy..." game. 
Say the letter name or sound and spot it!

These number pattern block mats are a free download from Confessions of a Homeschooler.
We left out numbers 1-10 for students to build.

In our fine motor small group, students can use these nuts and bolts to put together/take apart. The smaller ones are more challenging for little fingers! Thank you to Mrs. C. (and her husband!) for giving me this assortment years ago!

We finished our patterning unit in math last week and the children really enjoyed it!
So we set out our patterning cards along with colourful bear counters for students to make a variety of patterns on their own.
You can download these from my Patterning in Kindergarten pack.

Can you fill the tray with the pentominoes?

Let's play Roll a Jack-o-Lantern at the Games Centre!
This is a printable from my Pumpkin Patch Virtual Field Trip pack.

My wonderful RECE, Mrs. Petrone, made these fun character puppets using wooden spoons for the story Room on the Broom. Students can use them to retell this story.

We had a parent donate slime so we set it out at our Playdough Centre.

This week we will be focusing on Comparing Sets in math
Here are a few activities and small group lessons we will be focusing on:

Here are my weekly plans if you'd like to download!

If you would like the editable version to modify this for your own class click HERE.  
The original blank PowerPoint file has been uploaded onto Google Slides but the formatting has changed.

Enjoy the week!

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