Simple Remote Learning Plans

We are "pivoting" to remote learning here in most parts of Ontario, Canada.
As this was quite sudden (and truthfully we don't know how long this will be for), I wanted to put something simple together for teachers to use.

We are not starting anything new in our remote class.  We do have a couple of inquiries going on - leaves and human body - which our students have been very interested in!  So I have planned a few read alouds and simple activities for the week with the intention that when we return to the classroom we can pick up from where we left off.  We will be reviewing number sense in math (through games that can easily be played with little to no materials at home).  We will be continuing with our Writer's Workshop lesson on labelling our work with beginning sounds.  It's also Remembrance Day next Friday - we started talking about it in class so I have planned a simple activity to do remotely.

One of my "go-to" things for remote learning is a choice board.  You can click HERE to see more.
I have these ready to go on Google Slides if you are looking for something to post (and they are editable!).  These are perfect to assign for asynchronous learning time.

Here are my plans for this week (Monday is definitely remote learning and I planned the rest of the week to stay organized should this go longer).

I wanted to share this poster I made last year when we were remote for weeks on end.  It is editable.  Happy to share if you need!

I hope this helps!  I didn't want to spend too much time on this over the weekend (especially on this beautiful day!).
Keep it simple.  Don't stress (that's hard to do, believe me!).  Breathe.

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