Open House/Curriculum Night/Meet the Teacher Night

Although school just started for us here in Ontario (Canada) last week, our minds are already thinking about Open House/Curriculum Night (some of you may call it Meet the Teacher night).
Ours will be in a week and a half but preparations are underway.

We have 2 sessions that last about 30 minutes each.  Families visit the classroom and we start with a presentation on our Bright Links board that usually lasts 15 minutes.  We go over the FDK program, what a day/week looks like in our class, routines, school policies (uniform/food, etc.) and more! 
Everything we use in included in my Orientation/Curriculum Night pack in my TpT store
You can click the picture below if you'd like to see more of our presentation!

The last 15 minutes we dedicate to touring the room.
This year I wanted to provide a simple activity for families to complete (sometimes students come with their parents and instead of playing at all of the centres, they can do this together!).  It's a simple scavenger hunt to visit areas around the room.  We will encourage children to talk to their parents about each spot on the list and what they do there.
Click the picture below to download your own FREE copy of the scavenger hunt.  I've included a blank copy as well if you'd like to highlight some centres in your room.

More pictures of table top activities coming soon! Check back later!

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