February Fun!

We are heading back into the classroom after teaching remotely for the past 6 weeks!
I know that I'll be spending time this week reviewing some rules put into place because of Covid, so I set up a fun week to ease back into school.

Check back here during the week as I will update this page with pictures of our learning.

WEEK OF FEB. 15-19, 2021

Usually on Pancake Tuesday we make and eat pancakes!  This year we won't be able to because of Covid so we will spend the day playing fun games instead.  I made a Pancake Fun pack all about pancakes if you'd like to see more.  Since I teach hybrid, I will provide students staying online with fun activities similar to what we are doing in class.

I set up a simple Breakfast Cafe in the Dramatic Centre to celebrate Pancake Tuesday!

I just uploaded a new religious pack to my TpT store all about Lent and Holy Week.  There's a story about Ash Wednesday, along with a student reader, and plenty of activities that will carry you through to Holy Week if you are interested.
I hung up our Lenten Chain at the front of the classroom.  Every day during Lent we will choose one link and complete that activity as we try to be more like Jesus during this time.
We are also going to be counting down the 40 days to Easter each morning!
There are lots of activities you can find in my Lent and Holy Week pack if you'd like to see more.

We will be learning about a well-known Canadian, Viola Desmond, who also appears on the new $10 bill! One of my favourite books, Viola Desmond Will Not Be Budged, is such a powerful story and perfect for kindergarten students. 
This is a wonderful video/song that my students loved all about Viola Desmond!

I'm also excited to show some art pieces from Alma Thomas.  I love how she uses shapes (circle in middle and rectangles around) to create intricate pieces of art!  
We will be doing an art activity based on her work.

This week we will be learning about measurement - specifically area and temperature. 
We will be creating animals and calculating the area of each (at a kindergarten level of course!)

For my remote students I used activities from my Measurement Interactive Math Mini Unit (DIGITAL).

We will also have fun with a thermometer experience and bring in some ice to explore!
You can find these activities and more in my Measurement in Kindergarten pack.
I also have activities ready to post for my remote learners from my Measurement Interactive Math Mini Unit (DIGITAL).

We are following my "I Can Write!" writing pack and this week's lesson was a continuation of card writing.  We learned about different cards we can write to our family and friends.  I set up a simple provocation at our Writing Centre (which is set up a little different this year because of Covid).  Students are encouraged to write cards!  I left a ring of messages they can include on the front or inside their card.

You can find these full lessons, activities and printables in my new "I Can Write!" packs on TpT.

I teach hybrid so I have both face-to-face learners and remote learners.  During our "Thinking and Learning Time", remote learners can complete any activities from our lessons and also choose from things offered on our weekly choice boards.  
You can check out my Choice Boards here:

WEEK OF FEB. 22-26, 2021
We are going to continue choosing a link off of our Lenten Chain and completing that activity throughout the day.  This week we are also going to be reading some amazing African folk tales and discussing (see plans for which books I chose).

Teaching students to estimate is HARD!  It's a concept that takes time to fully master and they will continue to explore it in more detail moving into grades 1 and 2.
This week we will be looking at a jar filled with 5 objects and comparing other jars that have more and less.  I'm also going to leave out 5-frames and 10-frames for students to count after they make a guess how many are inside.  For students who need a challenge, I like leaving out a hundreds grid with jars filled with more than 10 objects.
I'm going to be using the posters and trying a few activities from my Estimation (Google Slides) pack as well as assigning it to my remote students.

We will be talking about what respect is and how we can show it.  We will be reading a wonderful story, along with playing a fun game I made, from my February Religion pack.

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