My "Virtual" Classroom

Have you seen the virtual classrooms that have been popping up all over social media?
So I decided to make my own.  Yes, it took some time (mainly because they are so addicting, once you start adding things you don't want to stop!).
I've had lots of requests asking what I post and link for my students so I decided to create this blog post and share!
Here's what mine looks like!

I learned all about how to make this, and got a free download, from @mrsmcb_edu on Twitter.

Here are some of the links/downloads I included!  
I'll be adding to this list as I change the virtual classroom.



Kodable (you will have to sign up your class for free)


My students love being outside.  We spend a good part of our week exploring nature.  So I created this fun "Nature Scavenger Hunt" for them to try!  It's perfect for spring!  I linked this to the binoculars you see above.

I've also been creating lots of fun "Virtual Field Trips/Experiences" for the students!
With this grocery store, students add coins from home and "pay" for items they want to buy!

In the community, students can click different buildings to explore what they have to offer!
They can watch Safeyoutube videos, explore links and follow along with teacher prompts to create things at home!

Since I'm still learning all about adding different things/links to my virtual classroom, check back often to download more freebies and ideas!

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