Weekly Wrap-Up -> Week 12

This week we explore letters, set out a STREAM (or STEM/STEAM) activity, and worked on our fine motor skills!
I can't believe it's almost the end of November!  This month flew by.
Check back soon as we get ready for the holidays!

I do this activity several times throughout the year, changing the stamping worksheet each time.  This week I left out both upper and lower case letters for students to stamp.

You can click HERE to download the stamping worksheet (it's from a post last year).

I have done this cup challenge in so many ways over the past few years and the students just love it!  I set up a bunch of different sized cups and had students create!

This is a fun game to play (I left ours out at the light table) as students are working on subitizing.  Roll the dot die and pick up the corresponding piece.  Use it to build your snake.  The person with the longest snake (or you can play with the one who builds a complete snake first) wins!
You can find this activity in my Fun with Dice pack on TpT.

We sent out postcards to our 10 pen pals around the world last month.  I joined a group of preschool/K teachers on Facebook back in the summer and we decided to send postcards to each other's class!  It has been so much fun receiving letters over the past few weeks that I set up this display to show everyone where the postcards come from.
 At the Science and Discovery Centre, I left out a large globe and paper, inviting the students to think about where we live and where they are interested in learning about.

I created this activity to help with fine motor.  I added a tray of paint and Q-tips and had students decorate the tree.  There are 2 versions of the tree.  

If you'd like to download this activity for FREE, click the picture below.

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