All About Advent!

This Sunday marks the start of Advent!
Can you believe that Christmas is just over 4 weeks away!?!?
I love this time of year - it's probably my favourite teaching in a Catholic school.

Here's how we are preparing for the birth of Jesus!

I taught the students this Advent poem this week and printed it for our Pocket Chart Centre so students can rebuild the poem.
You can find this in my TpT store.

This year I wanted to have the students make their own Advent wreath.
I cut out a circle from the middle of a paper plate and had students paint the plate white.  We attached a ribbon and glued 4 candles out of construction paper (3 purple and 1 pink).  I've been teaching the students the song Candle, Candle (which the Grade 1 students sing at our Advent mass).
This weekend I'll be sending home the lyrics to the first part of this song along with a small light for candle #1.  Students can glue the light to the first candle with their families on Sunday.

Click on the picture below to download your copy of this song.

Each week leading up to Christmas we continue to sing the song and I'll be sending home the next part with a light for the candle.
You can also send home the entire poem this week and encourage students to light the candles each Sunday with their families.

Another fun song is Take a Walk to Christmas.  We sing this song all December long!

I print these props and have students walk around the circle holding each one up when we sing it.

You can download this for FREE from my TpT store!  Click on the picture above to download!

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