Weekly Wrap-Up -> Week 8

It's nearly Halloween!  Our classroom had lots of activities and centres this week to reflect fall and Halloween!

I found these large web bowls at Dollarama a couple of years back.  I tied string around them and placed a handful of plastic spiders inside.  Students used the tweezers and tried to pick up as many spiders as they could in 1 minute!

I added quirt bottles, plastic bowls, coloured water and I found these fun Halloween syringes (which are great for fine motor) and placed them in the sensory bin.  I changed it each day - adding different coloured water, sparkles, jewels, etc.  The kids loved it!

One of my favourite books this time of year is The Fox and the Falling Leaves.  I left out a variety of loose parts and had students retell the story or create their own!

On our light table I added these cut outs of pumpkin faces for students to create their own.
I found the free printable faces HERE and just added a pumpkin clip art.  I printed all of these in colour on transparencies and cut them out.

Last week we learned the poem I'm a Little Pumpkin.  The students enjoyed singing it very much so I cut up the word cards and had them build the poem on our pocket chart.
You can find this activity in my TpT store if you are interested.

We go outside on a regular basis - in fact my students ask to go all the time!  Their favourite place to visit is the "magical forest" in the back of the school - which is really just a group of tall trees!
We always collect things of interest and I left out paint for students to draw and paint their findings.

We added pictures from our outdoor exploration time as well as art made by the students on our classroom door.
We made these shaving cream leaves to add to our door - super easy and adorable!  The amazing ECE, Mrs. Caruso, who works in the K classroom down the hall gave me this idea.  I printed these leaves and followed these steps:

1)  Have students cut out a leaf
 2)  Spray shaving cream all around a cookie sheet.  Add food colouring (we used fall colours - red, yellow, and green).  Mix with craft stick.
 3)  Dip leaf into shaving cream mix and press down.
 4)  Scrap shaving cream off with a ruler or large craft stick.  Set aside to dry (doesn't take long!)

Click the picture below to download these leaf templates and make your own fall art!

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