Interactive Pocket Chart {Poem Builder} - FREEBIE!

This past school year I introduced a new centre to my students.  I found that it was perfect for my Year 2 (Senior Kindergarten) students and worked well during small group instruction with my Year 1 (Junior Kindergarten) students.

I have lots of pocket charts that I have purchased over the year and I just attached it to a rolling clothes rack (although I think this year I will actually attach it to the closet you see behind with 3M hooks).

Each Monday morning, I introduce a "Poem of the Week".  We spend time together as a class reciting it (chanting, singing, rapping, etc.) and use our pointers to find letters/sounds or sight words.
We revisit our poem often during the week, listening for rhyming words, replacing words to see if the poem still makes sense and building it together.  
I write it on chart paper so that students can revisit it during the week and use a pointer to "read" the poem - it works great for practicing tracking print!

I also project it on the Bright Links board so that we can manipulate the poem - circle letters, highlight sight words, etc.

I like to cut up the word cards for the poem and place them in a Ziploc bag at the Pocket Chart Centre.  Here students are invited to build the poem (I encourage them to work with a friend to help each other).

In small group lessons, I have students who are working on identifying sight words.  I made this yellow highlighter paper by cutting a plastic pocket folder so that it fits over the cards.  We play games where I call out a sight word and they have to find it, I reach into my bag of sight word cards and see who can read and then find it first on the poem, etc.

To challenge some students, I cut up the words and have them rebuild the poem in a large journal.

I have a LOT of poems!  Although we might not have this activity out every week (I like to use the pocket chart for so many different things), I have them ready in case I need them.
Here's how I store everything:

I store all the poms in a large binder (this one is from Staples - it has a rubber re-enforcer on the side which is excellent!).

Each poem is laminated an kept in a clear plastic page protector.

I store the cut up cards in a small Ziploc bag inside the page protector as well so everything is together.

I know that many of you who own these poems have asked me about storing them.
I have included the title page for the binder here as a free download (and it's editable so you can add your own name, school, etc.)  I created it using Power Point so be sure to download and look at the "Read Me First" section to see which font I used and install it.

Click the picture to download!

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You can find all of these poems (and so many more for the entire year!) in my growing bundle where you get all of the poems at a 25% discount!

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