Weekly Wrap Up...June 4 - June 8 -> using Wikki Sticks to make an insect, retelling stories, intro to time

With just a few weeks left of school, it sometimes becomes hard to keep the children motivated to stay on task.  So we set up some simple but fun provocations for them to explore.

They have been so interested in insects (see my post last week for your free insect vocabulary cards) that we invited them to create their very own insect using Wikki Sticks.

I love using these wax sticks in the classroom - they are simple enough for the students to create anything using them!

We read a few books on insects and learned about their 3 main body parts - head, thorax, abdomen - and labelled the butterfly.

We read lots and lots of books in our class.  I love introducing well-known children's stories often and having the students retell the story (or even make up their own!).  This week we set out props for the students to retell The Ugly Duckling.  You can find this book at Dollarama!

I use Pic Collage often to capture students engaging in the various centres in the classroom.  We print these and include them in their student portfolio.

I added these large connectors to our blocks on the carpet this week.  Students had lots of fun exploring them to make shapes and structures.

We started our unit on characteristics of the clock - we are learning about the features of a clock (face, big hand, little hand, numbers, clockwise, etc.).  We are also learning to show times -  "o'clock"  (arms straight up in the air) and "thirty" (arms straight down) are what we teach the children.

Lots more to come next week - we continue to retell well-known stories and our clock unit continues...

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