Father's Day Book (editable) FREEBIE!

As soon as you start working on anything that has to do with Father's Day you know the end of the school year is here!
We made these adorable books for Mother's Day (you can read all about it and download your own editable Mother's Day book here) and the moms loved them so much we decided to make them for all the dads.

Here are a few examples of the pages inside...
(try not to laugh, they are too cute!)

You can download your own *editable* Father's Day book by clicking {here}.
They don't take a very long time to do with the students.  I worked with 2-3 students at a time.  They answered each question and I wrote their answer down on the white board for them to copy into the books.  Then they drew their own picture.
We are lucky at our school to have a binding machine (simple and quick to use!) but if you don't, you can always staple or tape the side.

If you are looking for a few other ideas for the last month of June (and Father's Day) here you go!

I just posted this earlier today to TpT.  It's an Interactive Pocket Chart activity.
We read a poem each week (introducing it on Monday but it stays up all week for the students to read on their own).  I'm prepping this for next week, just before Father's Day.
At my pocket chart, students can use the cut up words to assemble the poem on their own.  I also like working with a group of students who are practicing identifying sight words - I call out a sight word and they have to find it.
You can click {here} to check it out!

Here are a few other's that I posted and will be using this month!

We are also planning to play a sight word game - Find that Beachball! - which I hope to post to TpT tonight or tomorrow.  It makes for a great review of all sight words taught to date!

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