Weekly Wrap-Up...May 4 -> fine motor provocations and more!

A lot of our provocations set out this week centred around fine motor skills.
Students had a lot of fun with these (all while building muscle development).

One of the easiest (and cheapest!) centres to set up is to have students pick up and sort coloured pom poms.  We used muffin tins but you can use any containers.
These tweezers are our absolute favourite (you can find them from Wintergreen Learning Materials).

Practising cutting with scissors is something we work on all the time, even in small groups with students who need extra practice.
These different templates are a free download from Ang at Home.  
She has so many to choose from based on your students!

We thought this provocation was great to not only allow students to practice stamping (and these stampers were small so they were a little tricky to grip!), but also to practice reading sight words.
(Be sure to use washable ink pads!)

Some students are still working on letter/sound recognition so we invited them to sort the alphabet cards on the pocket chart.

You can find this activity here:

Here's another simple provocation - Wedgits!  These actually came with cards to have students build certain structures but we just left them out and wanted to see what our students could come up with.

We also got a new Bee-Bot recently and after showing the students how to use it (very very easy!), the students quickly picked up on it!
I love how this is teaching the students coding at a level easy enough that they can do this on their own.
I asked them to think and draw a plan first and then get to work building their track.
 Students also documented their work by video taping their path and taking pictures using the iPads.

Have a wonderful weekend!  I will be back soon with a full post all about our Bird Inquiry!

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