Weekly Wrap-Up...sight word towers, our Spring Inquiry and "Ten-frame" drop game {FREEBIE!}

I loved playing Jenga as a child. 
I remember how fun it was to build a tower and choose a piece ever so carefully without making the tower fall.
So when I saw this Sight Word Towers game I knew it would be a hit!
 Our students loved it so much, in fact, that they wrote the words they knew down and invented their own game to play!
*You can find this product at Wintergreen Learning.*

Our focus this week was on Number Sense and we began exploring in more detail the concept of making and breaking numbers to 10.
We used this rekenrek in small groups.
Then we played the game "Ten-frame" drop - where you scatter ten-frames around (you can do this on the table or carpet) and call out a number.
Students have to pick up card(s) and make that number.
For example, "8" - could look like "8 dots" on one 10-frame, "4 dots and 4 dots" using two 10-frames, "6 dots and 2 dots" using two 10-frames, etc.
There are so many possibilities!

You can download this game for FREE by clicking {here} or on the pictures above.

Our bird inquiry is still going strong!
Students researched a variety of birds they were interested in and began drawing and painting them (life-size!).

Our Spring Inquiry is also happening in the classroom!
We went on our Outdoor Exploration walk earlier this week (before the snow and freezing rain hit!) and noticed many signs of spring!

Students have also been using the green playdough to create their own spring scene and share what they know about spring.

We have lots of provocations planned for this coming week to support our Bird Inquiry!  
Stay tuned!

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