Weekly Wrap-Up (April 20) ... Earth Day fun (with a FREEBIE)!

Since Earth Day is celebrated this weekend (April 22) we spent the week discussing ways we can care for our Earth and did a few activities to display our thinking.

I created these posters and displayed one at our Science and Discovery Area.
Students were invited to use up-cycled plastic to create a piece of art which we turned into a class mobile.

You can download these posters for FREE by clicking {here}.

I love the way these little artists show how much they love the earth!

We read many books on Earth Day including my personal favourite...

And here are more...

I included a whole bunch of stories about Earth Day in my QR Codes Listening Center - April that the students loved reading!

You can see all the books included (there are 24!) by clicking on the picture below.

We also invited the students to use watercolour paints to represent what Earth Day means to them.
They know to draw in pencil first, trace over with black permanent marker and then paint.

Our Dramatic Centre has now turned into a Flower Shop (how fitting for Earth Day!).

You can find this Flower Shop Dramatic Play Center by clicking the picture below.

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