Weekly Wrap-Up ... healthy eating, rainbows and science experiments!

This week we started discussing healthy eating, as next week the entire school will participate in "Healthy Schools" week.
We spoke about the Food Guide and what it meant to "eat a rainbow".  Our poem this week focused on choosing a variety of colourful foods.

To practice our fine motor skills, we set out this provocation, inviting the students to sort the plastic food by colour.  They choose foods that they liked to eat and we took a picture.

Lately, our students have had an interest in rainbows, as we have seen so many children drawing them daily.  How perfect that this tied in so nicely with healthy eating!
We invited the students to draw and paint a collaborative rainbow.

Then we added the photos of all the students to our display - ready for the Healthy Schools challenge next week!

This provocation invited students to create a story all about rainbows!

Fine motor activities are a staple in our classroom.  This week we set up this fun activity, inviting the students to pick up beads using tweezers and place them on suction cups.

Our students love science experiments!
The ECE I work with, Mrs. Petrone, has some amazing science experiments she has done in the past and wanted to try them with our students this year.

How many pencils can you poke through the bag?

Making a rainbow with a flashlight and a CD
The students were eager to try them and document their findings! 
Coke and penny experiment

Baking soda and vinegar colour explosion!

Blowing up a balloon

There are many different documentation sheets like the one above floating online.  I created this one years ago when I first started with Full Day Kindergarten as I find the pictures of eyes, a thinking bubble and a speech bubble to represent "I see, I think, I wonder" the easiest for this age group.
Click on the pictures below for the large of small version.

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