Weekly Wrap-Up...YAY I'm back at work (and I have a FREEBIE!!!)

I'm so glad to be back at school this week!  I had to take a few weeks off after I fell down the stairs and injured my back but I am feeling so much better!
Many thanks to the ECE I work with (Mrs. Petrone) and the fabulous supply teacher Ms. P. for filling in.
Look at this amazing and beautiful door the students decorated to welcome me back!
They all drew pictures of me!
It was a busy week back...take a look at all that we did!

We left out the geoboards for students to explore creating shapes and numbers.

This math game that we introduced and played in small groups this week, Don't Get the Red Dot!, can be played in many ways.
Here the students each get a 10-frame mat.  They choose a card (with either numerals or dots of numbers 1-10).  They have to represent that number on their 10-frame using the counters.  They choose another card and either add on to that number or take away to show the new number.  If they get the red dot they clear their card and start again!
The students couldn't get enough of this game!
At the Light Table, we put out "Roll-a-Snake" game where you roll the dot die and build a snake.  The person with the longest snake wins!
You can find this activity (and lots more!) in my Fun with Dice pack on TpT.
We have also been working with students on letter and sound identification.  I came up with this "Roll-a-Letter" game years ago but have now made it editable and a FREE download for you!  I love that it's also a great activity for students to practice writing letters.  The wooden cubes are from Michaels and I just wrote the letters in different colours to match the die for easy storing.
I put them in plastic sheet protectors so it's easy to wipe them clean and reuse them.
Also, here's another tip:  there are two versions of this activity - one where the students write the letter on their own and the other where they trace the letter.  Place them back-to-back in the sheet protector and choose which one is appropriate for that student.

You can download this freebie by clicking here or on any of the pictures below.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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  1. Hi Alessia! I'm so sorry to hear about your fall. I hope you're feeling better! Things look just as fantastic as ever with your students. You always have such wonderful learning happening in your classroom. Take care, I.M.


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