Making Applesauce

After our field trip to the apple orchard a couple of weeks ago, we noticed that our students still had such an interest in apples!
Each day, the conversations around the snack centre (or "Bistro") included comparing the apples many students brought for a snack, trying different ways to get the seeds out, counting the apples seeds, and listening for the loudest crunch.
We had a big bag full of apples and asked the children what they thought we could make with them.
M.R.:  We can make apple pie!
M.P.:  Apple cake!
J.M.:  We can make applesauce!
We decided that applesauce was probably the easiest thing to make inside our classroom since we already had a few ingredients handy.
We showed the students how to peel the apples carefully using a peeler.
Everyone wanted a turn to try!
S.S.:  This is a lot of work!  You have to be careful when peeling the apples!
These children were trying to pick up all of the seeds to keep them as part of our Seed Inquiry happening in the classroom.
One of the ingredients in our recipe was cinnamon.  We passed it around for students to smell.
Jo.F.:  I like it!  It smells so nice!
Ju.F.:  This reminds me of a Beaver Tail that I had in Mont Tremblant!
L.G.:  It smells like a cappuccino!
And then for the best part....after waiting about 3 hours for it to cook in the slow cooker, it was finally ready to EAT!
I love when our students have hands-on opportunities to create various food to eat!
Many of the Senior Kindergarten students remembered the vegetable soup we made last fall!
So much learning (and fun!) happening at the same time!

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