Jack-o-Lantern fun!

With Halloween about a week away, we decided to get into the Halloween spirit throughout our classroom.
 This was a felt board activity I made years ago but it seems to be a hit year after year!
Our students designed different faces for the pumpkin.
You can read all about this felt board activity, and another fun Halloween one, here.
We set out this provocation asking the students if they could design a face for our pumpkin.
We plan on carving it next week and it would be great if we could take a vote after all the entries are in.
The adorable printable comes from the Club Chica Circle blog and you can find it as a free download by clicking here.
We have been discussing emotions quite a bit since the beginning of school so we thought this free download was perfect!
I also discovered this great song, all about the 5 Little Pumpkins, and how they each show an emotion.  Our students love singing along on our Bright Links board!
If you are looking for a free download for a cute and easy Halloween song, click the picture above to see my post from a couple of years ago.
Happy Halloween!

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