Student Mailbags - FREEBIE!

I've often been asked by other teachers about how students carry notes, readers and papers back and forth from home to school.
We use "Mailbags"!
Each student gets a vinyl bag which you can find at the Dollar Store.
It's just a heavy duty zippered pouch that is large enough to hold everything we need to send home and it lasts the entire year without falling apart!
We used to use Ziploc bags but we had to replace those several times during the school year. 
We even tried making mailbags by stapling file folders and laminating them but we found that the staples poked through eventually even after using Duct tape.
I created these simple labels to use with the name of our school and student name.  I print them on heavy duty cardstock and laminate.  They are good for the entire year!
You can download this *editable* file to make your own Mailbags by clicking {HERE}.
The font I used for the school name was Doodle Basic and I used KG Second Chances Solid for the student names.
Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I have used mailbags in my FDK (full day Kindergarten) for the last 3 years. I totally agree that they are much better than ziplock bags.


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