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With just under a week to go until the start of another school year, I often find myself thinking and rethinking what my classroom will look like this year.
I have been in to school a few times already, setting up and beginning to plan for a fabulous year.
A few teachers have emailed me and have come to visit my classroom this week to discuss setup, routines, and the new FDK program.
I love that as teachers, we always strive to learn more, help each other and try new things.
This past summer I have discovered some amazing local teacher blogs that I wanted to share with you.
These teachers, although I have not met most of them, have touched my heart in many ways, and have brought me lots of inspiration.
Hopefully you will find that as well by following their journey.
I met Joanne Babalis last fall while taking Kindergarten Part 1.
Those 3 months were magical for me.  I began to see how transforming your classroom into a place filled with opportunities and dreams for children is so meaningful.
Her blog, My Classroom Transformation, has lots of ideas on setting up your classroom, introducing provocations to the students, and the use of natural materials as learning resources.
Elissa Iagallo has many beautiful pictures of students "playing"...building, writing, creating.
You can see more about how she uses documentation in her classroom by visiting her blog
When I discovered Kim Clark's blog this past school year, Beginning with Inquiry in Kindergarten, I was hooked! I love how she uses simple materials to create meaningful experiences for children.
She has a variety of ideas that highlights outdoor education as well.
This school year I plan on focusing on "I see...", "I think" and "I wonder" as we explore new inquiries and projects in our class.
Trista Dutt captures students' ideas, thoughts, experiences and wonders through her blog
I absolutely love the team-teaching happening in Jocelyn Schmidt's and Heidi Theis' classroom!
What a dynamic duo!
There are incredible photos capturing all the learning at various centres on their blog
Mrs. Hennessey documents student learning very well in her blog Mrs. Hennessey's K's.
I love the simple resources available for the students in her classroom and the things that they created using them.
You can really see how students think and create together to make beautiful things in Mr. Berberick's K class!  Be sure to look through all the photos highlighting student learning in his blog
There are so many wonderful teachers out there who share the story of all that is happening in their classrooms.  If you have a blog, or know of another FDK blog that has not been mentioned, please link up below.

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