A little shopping at Ikea!

I just love Ikea....I mean LOVE it!
It's a store that has so much, for not that much money.
Every year, before I head back to work, I spend all day a few hours shopping at Ikea for things I can use in my classroom. 
Here's what I found last weekend...
These paper lights are my absolute favourite!
I bought the ones on the right last year and have them in my classroom....guess how much....under $10!
I think I'm going to go back and pick up the light on the right too!
The students simply adore the lamps all over the classroom.
These small table lamps are perfect too - for just about anywhere in my class!
They add a perfect decorative element as well as being functional.
I found these curtains for only $5 (for a set of 2) and so I had to pick them up.  I'm hoping to hang them over my Dramatic Centre to give it more of a cozy feeling.
I couldn't resist these beautiful baskets....don't know exactly what I plan on doing with them but they will most definitely be used for something!
I think these $1 photo frames are the best find at Ikea.  I mean, who can't use these photo frames for just about anything...displaying student work, instructions, pictures, and so much more!
Baskets, baskets and more baskets....a teacher can never have enough, right?!?!
Last year, I started adding plants to my classroom, which gave it a feeling as if you were at home or outdoors.  I love how plants look and feel in the classroom, so, of course, I picked up a few more.
These small and large planting baskets were on SALE (what a great deal!) - not only did I get some for my new plants, I plan on putting the small blocks from the block centre in them too.
Just as I was leaving, I found these three books and added them to my cart...I simply can't have enough books!
I know I will be back to Ikea before school starts in a few weeks time.
If you'd like to see pictures of my classroom from last year, click here.
Stay tuned for updated classroom set up photos coming soon!

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  1. I'm going Friday with several teacher friends! My list includes more of those little frames, a rug, and magazine bins. I'll definitely check out those paper lights, too.

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