Our Daily Schedule

I don't have a calendar in my classroom anymore.
I got rid of it a couple of years ago.
Truthfully, it took a long time for us to review the date and most kids just couldn't sit still for that AND the lesson that followed.
Instead I replaced it with our Daily Schedule.
(Here's a picture of our Bright Links board at the front of our classroom - the schedule is on the bottom part of the board)
   I created this Daily Schedule to post in our classroom for all the students to see because each year, especially the first few weeks of school, I have many students that constantly ask (while crying at the same time!) when they are going home.  We review what our day looks like each morning - it takes a total of 30 seconds - and it helps all the students in my class know what we have planned.
Do you see the round magnet in the picture above?  The Helper of the Day moves it over top of each card as the day progresses so that the children can see where we are and what's left to do before home time (or a special activity).
I have created so many cards!  This is just a small glimpse of them.
I keep the cards in a magnetic photo sleeve so that I can put them up quickly and easily.
I found these at the Dollar Store - it comes in a pack of 2 sleeves.
Just slide the card in and voila!
You can click on the picture above to take you to my TpT store and view my Daily Schedule Cards.


Back to School SALE!

It's just about that time of year...teachers are getting ready to head back to school!
I know that I continuously think about my classroom, even during the school months.  I head to a local store and see something and immediately think "This would be perfect for my class!".
So my friends at Freebielicious and I decided to throw a Back to School SALE in all of our
Everything in my store is on SALE for 20% off for 2 days only - July 27 & 28!
So hurry over!
Here are a few things you might like to help you start the year...

Poking Fun!

My students love to poke!
Yes, they do!
By poking, I mean using a push pin and poking out a picture.
This is an activity that takes lots of time and concentration.  It builds such endurance to complete an activity because they have to sit for quite a while!
And I love that it strengthens their fine motor skills.
I actually got this idea from my daughter's Montessori teacher who she was fortunate enough to have for the past three years in Casa.  My daughter would bring home the most amazing pieces that she worked so hard to create.
I noticed her handwriting improved too, because she was strengthening her fine motor skills.
This is such an easy activity to prep.
I like to use cork boards (bought these 2 for a dollar at the Dollar Store), large push pins and various picture templates.
To differentiate this activity, you can ask students to use various sizes of push pins.
The larger ones are easier to use than the smaller ones.
You can also reduce or enlarge the pictures.
I like to have the students glue their finished product to a piece of construction paper.
On one side is the poke out, on the other is the outline.
I just created a pack of templates you can use as a fine motor activity in your classroom.  It's a great beginning of the year activity too, as you work with students who struggle to hold a pencil.
It's on SALE until tomorrow!

Getting ready for Back To School? Freebielicious can help!

I know you must be thinking...what in the world?  This girl just started her summer vacation!
Yes, that's true but I'm always thinking about Back to School...and planning and prepping away this summer!

Last year was a HUGE year for me...
- I moved into a brand new (and gigantic!) classroom
- We started the new Full Day Kindergarten Play-Based/Inquiry-Based program (which, by the way, I am loving!)
- I revamped the way my room looks so that it's much more natural looking
This year I plan on continuing to bring more of nature inside my room, adding plants, branches and anything else "outdoorsy" I can find this summer!
One favourite activity in my classroom is the Write the Room Centre.
For the Write the Room Literacy Centre, the students use clipboards (with a pencil attached to it with yarn for easy access) and choose a worksheet.  I have a variety of worksheets in each pack to differentiate between the students in my classroom and also so that a student can do this centre more than once during the week.
All of the theme-based words are printed on large graphics which makes them a little easier to identify around the room.  I tape them everywhere - on the cubbies, doors, walls, cupboards, behind chairs...everywhere!  And the students have to go on a "hunt" to find these words and record them.
Some worksheets are as easy as just recording the words you find.
Other worksheets as to write words according to syllables, label a picture, find the matching word to each picture, etc.
My students can't get enough of this!
And it's super easy to prep - just cut the pictures out, laminate and tape around the room!
I have so many themes to choose from that you can do one theme per week!
Here's your chance to try my Fall Fun - Write the Room Literacy Center, perfect for the beginning of the year!
And so me and my girls at Freebielicious have teamed up with Educents with some instant downloads for you! Loaded with great products for back to school including book studies, craftivities, classroom prep, and content materials for back to school!  With 23 instant downloads... you have to check it out!  


My product included will surely be loved by your students!
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Take a moment to take a peek at some of the other teachers featured in this bundle - what that have going on for back to school and what they are featuring in this deal too! 


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Teacher Calendar and Planner

I know that my summer vacation just started last week but I have a LOT of things on my "To-Do" list.
First up - revise my Teacher Calendar and Planner for the 2014-2015 school year.
I have been using this calendar for years now....I just love the size of it (2 regular 8.5"x11" sheets of paper put together).
I just printed the whole 2014-2015 school year this morning and started to fill things in (such as our field trip, PA days, holidays, etc.)
I made it editable last year, so you can just type right into the spaces.
I already wrote in my Things to Do and Notes for next month...boy, do I ever feel organized!
I also love that once you type your name, school and room number on the top of the first page, it automatically places that information on each page for you!
Quick and easy!
All you have to do is print and go!
You can check out my *Editable* Teacher Calendar and Planner for 2014-2015 here.
Best part is...I updated the calendar from last year for FREE so if you already own it, go to
My Purchases and re-download this new version.
I will be doing that each year so if you buy it once, you get the *free yearly updated calendar* at no additional cost.
Oh, and one more thing...
it's on SALE until tonight!