Poking Fun!

My students love to poke!
Yes, they do!
By poking, I mean using a push pin and poking out a picture.
This is an activity that takes lots of time and concentration.  It builds such endurance to complete an activity because they have to sit for quite a while!
And I love that it strengthens their fine motor skills.
I actually got this idea from my daughter's Montessori teacher who she was fortunate enough to have for the past three years in Casa.  My daughter would bring home the most amazing pieces that she worked so hard to create.
I noticed her handwriting improved too, because she was strengthening her fine motor skills.
This is such an easy activity to prep.
I like to use cork boards (bought these 2 for a dollar at the Dollar Store), large push pins and various picture templates.
To differentiate this activity, you can ask students to use various sizes of push pins.
The larger ones are easier to use than the smaller ones.
You can also reduce or enlarge the pictures.
I like to have the students glue their finished product to a piece of construction paper.
On one side is the poke out, on the other is the outline.
I just created a pack of templates you can use as a fine motor activity in your classroom.  It's a great beginning of the year activity too, as you work with students who struggle to hold a pencil.
It's on SALE until tomorrow!

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  1. I bought these and can't wait to use them! I would love a number set. Do you have any more packs like these or recommend a good number set? THANK YOU!


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