Our Daily Schedule

I don't have a calendar in my classroom anymore.
I got rid of it a couple of years ago.
Truthfully, it took a long time for us to review the date and most kids just couldn't sit still for that AND the lesson that followed.
Instead I replaced it with our Daily Schedule.
(Here's a picture of our Bright Links board at the front of our classroom - the schedule is on the bottom part of the board)
   I created this Daily Schedule to post in our classroom for all the students to see because each year, especially the first few weeks of school, I have many students that constantly ask (while crying at the same time!) when they are going home.  We review what our day looks like each morning - it takes a total of 30 seconds - and it helps all the students in my class know what we have planned.
Do you see the round magnet in the picture above?  The Helper of the Day moves it over top of each card as the day progresses so that the children can see where we are and what's left to do before home time (or a special activity).
I have created so many cards!  This is just a small glimpse of them.
I keep the cards in a magnetic photo sleeve so that I can put them up quickly and easily.
I found these at the Dollar Store - it comes in a pack of 2 sleeves.
Just slide the card in and voila!
You can click on the picture above to take you to my TpT store and view my Daily Schedule Cards.

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  1. I love the idea of tracking the schedule throughout the day! I teach 3rd and I still get those questions!

    Having Class


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