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I have to apologize for not writing a blog post in what seems like forever!
To say the last month has been overwhelming would be an understatement.
Our school started the new Early Learning Kindergarten Program (ELKP) also referred to as Full Day Kindergarten (FDK) in our board.
I now have 27 students, both Junior and Senior Kindergarten, as well as an Early Childhood Educator (ECE) working with me.
The program is play-based, so my centres around the classroom focus on child-centred ideas and activities.  We are there to support their learning but the students choose where they would like to explore and learn.
(Reading and writing are still taking place in my class, don't you worry!)
I love all my students, but, boy, are there a LOT of them!
It doesn't help that I am still in the same classroom as I've always had.  You see, construction for 2 new kindergarten rooms, one for me and one for my colleague, Mrs. Parisi, began several months ago.  However, when school started a few weeks back, these rooms were far from being ready!
This week they began bricking - which is a good sign - so hopefully, if all goes well, we will move sometime in November.  Until then, I am still in my itsy, bitsy classroom....
here it is!

This is the view from the door.  I don't have a teacher's desk anymore, I use my Guided Reading table (over near the window) to store my stuff and for small group instruction.

This area is for morning check-in.  The basket holds our Communication Folders (or mailbags) and the clear basket is for library books.  Underneath I house my language materials for the week (Write the Room, Playdough and manipulatives/games from Lakeshore). 

Behind that shelf I drilled in nails and attached my listening centre headphones.  This centre is such a hit!  I will try to add more headphones in my new class.  The accompanying book is found in a plastic magazine rack (bought it at Staples years ago) that is attached to the wall using double-sided tape.  So much easier than having the book thrown on the floor!

Also part of our daily morning routine is students find their name card on the carpet and place it in the pocket chart.  On the back of each name card is the student's last name so that later on in the year we can practice identifying last names.

This is what I am using for my Centre Board this year.  Each day I choose about 10-12 centres that students can choose from.  Each student has a small card with their photo and name on it (sorry - wish I had taken a picture!).  He/she chooses the centre they want to explore but placing the photo next to it.  Makes for a great visual.
You can download these centre cards (along with the matching larger cards to place around your room) for free here.
Here is our Daily Schedule.  I don't have a calendar this year.  Instead, I've replaced it with a Daily Schedule so students can visually see how the day is progressing.  I find that it helps a lot with those students who ask every 5 minutes "Is it time to go home?".  The Helper of the Day moves the clip along so everyone can see what else is coming up. 
You can find this product here.
This is the Blocks Centre.  Don't mind the patch work on the wall - I used to have a bench and cubbies on that wall last year in my class, if you remember or go back and see old pictures, but they took it out the week before school started to give us extra space.  I think this week we are going to cover it up with butcher paper and I'll have the students draw their block creations.

This big library shelf is actually 3 centres in 1 - books, big books (holds them on the back side) and my felt board centre (on the back bottom).  We haven't started the felt board yet.  This week for sure!
You can also see a picture of my Imagination Board - it's double sided and magnetic so there's lots you can do!

And finally here is my Dramatic Centre.  It changes all the time.  Last week it was a restaurant!

Check back this's going to be all about those adorable Nature Names you see on the wall!


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  1. Your classroom looks great....I'm sure you're looking forward to a bigger and newer class with your teammate Ms Parisi {she's great too}! Love the way u r so detailed oriented when it comes to your centers and LOVE the labels...thanks so much! Have a great school year!


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