Celebrate BTS...with a SALE and a HUGE FREEBIE!

It's just about time to head back to school for me (well, there are a few weeks left but I have been busy, busy, busy getting ready!).
Some of you are already back!

If you read my post from a while back all about my Literacy Centers, you will know how important it is to me to have all the centers in my room organized and labeled for the kids.
I am planning on changing things just a bit this year as we are getting the Full Day Kindergarten program.
I always taught full day kindergarten, just with 2 groups.
Some schools in my area taught 2 groups, half day each, whereas we taught 2 groups which would come every other day (so one group would be Monday/Wednesday/alternate Friday and the other group would be Tuesday/Thursday/alternate Friday).
This was manageable because each group was between 16-20 students.
Starting next month, when we begin Full Day Kindergarten, we will have the students every day, all day, but our numbers will be a little higher...with 30 in all!
I am a little nervous, to say the least!
We will be working with an Early Childhood Educator (ECE).  So that's a big help.
Do you remember my teeny tiny classroom?  I've posted pictures of it last year.
I don't know how we are all going to fit!
Thank goodness construction is underway and I will be getting a brand new classroom in just a few months time.

Okay, okay...on with the good stuff.

I'm joining in the big Back to School sale and everything in my TpT store is 20% off!
AND you can get an additional 10% off by using the code below.

Thank you Krista from The Creative Chalkboard for the adorable graphic!
Here are some great items to help kick start your school year AND they are on sale!

And my newest item, just in time for back to school....

That's not all.
As I mentioned earlier, I love center time.  I'll post again closer to when school starts for me and explain how I plan on using a Center Board this year and pictures of my room.
As for now, if you'd like a copy of my NEWLY REVISED (and oh, so cute!) 
Center Signs
you can click on the picture below for your FREEBIE!
(I included both large and small signs)

Adorable graphics by My Cute Graphics and DJ Inkers.

I made Literacy Center signs which were similar a while back that you may have.  If you'd like to check those out, click here and here.

Happy shopping!


  1. Wahoo! Thank you for the freebie! I moved to a new school that has center time in the afternoon and these are perfect! Traci

  2. Love the freebie!!! Bless you 30!!! I have 20 so I will be praying extra for you!!!

  3. Wow! They look amazing1 Thanks so much for sharing. :)
    Hope your new room is fantastic!!!

  4. Hello!

    I have tried to download your center cards; however, they will not download correctly. Do you have a link you could email to me?

    Thank you!
    Susan Franklin


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