We "dig" dinosaurs!

Today was "FUN FRIDAY" in my class. 
Each week, the students look forward to this special day!
Today was extra special as we had a "Dinosaur" day where the students got to be paleontologists!
(Okay, I have seen this word spelled, like, a million different ways!  So please excuse my spelling if you spell it differently! HA!)
Our classroom (and hallway) turned into a "museum" - literally!  We had dinosaur this and that everywhere today!
My student teacher, Ms. Bucci, created this cute display for the door and hallway so the students could feel like they were really at the museum.
Of course, our museum had to have a few dinosaurs on display.  Ms. Bucci and my volunteer, Ms. Josie, created these dinos.  The students learned various facts about each dino (sorry a few are cut off!) and placed them underneath.  There is also a title which was the name of our school.
(I wish I didn't have to block if off but our Board does not allow our school name, photos of the faces of students, nor names to be posted online).
Here I am with my teaching partner, Mrs. Parisi (centre) and my student teacher Ms. Bucci.
We are standing in front of the doors to the museum (my classroom).
I put rib bones into the sand box for the students to "dig up the dinosaur bones".
(Don't worry - the rib bones were thoroughly washed and bleached before throwing them in!)
We dug for "bones" (chocolate chips) using a toothpick.  The students had to be careful they didn't break the cookie.  It looked easier than it was!
Best part = eating it up afterwards!
Of course, to be a "real paleontologist" we had to wear hats and have badges.
So we made and decorated this hat (from Mrs. Parisi's Dinosaur unit) and coloured our badges with our pictures on it (from Michelle Walker's Dinosaur and Dodos unit).
Here's close up of that adorable badge!
The kids wanted to wear them all day long!
We finger painted and used dinosaur stampers to create various scenes.
(I love how this student painted the Brachiosaurus eating leaves because it's a herbivore!)
We had lots of fun reading our pocket chart story about dinosaurs too!
You can see my post on our dinosaur centres from last week by clicking here.
Check out lots more fun things in my dino unit!


  1. too cute! you are such an amazing teacher! wish we were close enough to teach together!

    1. I wish you lived closer too! (Guess you'll just have to move to Toronto!!!). Miss you lots! :)

  2. I love your dinosaur activities!

    Science for Kids Blog

  3. Lots of dinosaur fun in your room!
    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter


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