A "ROAR"ing good time with dinosaurs + FREEBIE!

Dinosaurs is definitely a favourite unit of mine to teach!
EVERY.SINGLE.STUDENT has a blast when we do this unit and wants to learn more and more!
Mt student teacher, Ms. Bucci, started the week off by bringing in this large egg she "found" in her backyard.  We made guesses as to what could be inside and then, after lunch, when the students returned into the classroom, the egg had cracked open and we found a dinosaur inside!
This idea is from Deanna Jump's Dinosaur unit.
Ms. Bucci also found this egg at the Dollar store.  You put it in water for about a day and it starts to crack.  Out pops a dinosaur!
I can't tell you how many kids would just sit in front of it and watch it!  They loved it!
We had fun learning with our dinosaur centres this week.
Here is the Dinosaur Write the Room activity.
Working on ending sounds.
Writing CVC words.
My Kinders love using stampers so I just had to create an activity for them!
They are stamping and reading sight words.
Using magnifying glasses to read and record sight words.
Creating patterns on a stegosaurus.  This idea was taken from Julie Lee.
Seriating - ordering the dinosaurs from smallest to largest.
We've been working on counting by 10's so the students had to put the dinos in order by 10's and record their answers.
This week we also started working on addition.  Here the students had to count the dots on the dinosaur eggs and add them up.  I showed them how to use counters to help them add if they needed it.
I just revised my Dinosaur unit - and DOUBLED IT IN SIZE!!!
Please go to My Purchases and re-download it if you already own it. 
You can find all of these centres (except the stegosaurus pattern activity) and LOTS more in my Dinosaur Literacy and Math Activities unit on TpT.
I posted about my Writing Centre posters a while back.  If you haven't read that post, click here to take you there.  I love using these posters at my Writing Centre.  Students can refer to them when writing theme-based words, stories, or simply labeling their pictures.
I have my Writing Centre posters available for FREE in my TpT store.
I just uploaded the dinosaur poster to go along with it.
If you'd like a copy you can click HERE to take you to the entire file.
Some of the new clipart I added is from DJ Inkers!
I use a LOT of her clipart (I have a license to use it in my products that I sell).  It's so adorable!  I have had a few of her CDs for years so I was so happy last fall when we were able to purchase a license.
You can click on the DJ Inkers button on the top right hand side of my blog to take you to her website if you'd like to purchase clipart of your own.
Trust me, you will get addicted quickly!
We will continue to learn about dinosaurs this coming week with lots more activities - including our classroom "museum" and a dinosaur dig!  Stay tuned!


  1. Locos lije a lot of fin! Ghanés for sharing!!!

  2. Looks great! You always have the best ideas!

  3. Isn't the dinosaur unit just so much fun! I still have great memories of the dinosaur unit I did when I was in kindergarten! Your student teacher looks fabulous! Love the dinosaur egg idea!


  4. This looks so fun!!!! We are learning about dinosaurs this week!! Thanks for the writing freebies!!!

  5. CUTE blog!

    A Day in the Life of a Kindergartner

  6. Thank you for sharing with us and I'm happy to see how well Ms. Bucci is doing.

    K. Wosnick


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