Wrapping up our Nutrition Unit

This week we wrapped up our Nutrition unit.  This unit does tend to go a little longer than some of the other units we cover in class, mainly because there are so many fun things we are doing and the students are loving it!
We read the book Today is Monday by Eric Carle and sang this song that I found on You Tube.  I love that the video shows the corresponding pictures in the book!
You can find this video by clicking here.
Here are our math centres this week.  You can read about our literacy centres that I posted last week by clicking here.
I introduced basic addition over the past few months.  We have been working on numbers to 10 and I showed them various ways to make and break 10.  Many of them were able to complete this activity with little to no help! *(I had counters out at the table, too, for those students who wished to use them and cover the dots as they counted)*
Learning about numbers that come AFTER.  It helped that I had a number line on the bottom of this worksheet!  Most students could say the numbers orally but writing them was a bit more challenging.
Counting by 10's all the way to 100!
Again, all of my students can count orally but identifying and writing the numbers was the challenge here.
The expectation in Kindergarten is to identify, count and write numbers to 10.  I like to challenge my students and here they are counting beyond 10.  It's a great way to get ready for Grade 1!
I had counters on the table so that they could cover up the dots as they counted.
This is our pocket chart centre for the week.
Here is one of my students "Writing the Room".  He grabbed a clipboard (pencil attached) and I gave him this worksheet because I knew it was a bit more challenging than simply writing any word he finds.  He is sorting the words he finds into Healthy and Unhealthy columns.
We sorted foods from the grocery store flyer into the 4 food groups.
My JK's worked on this placemat where they identifies healthy foods and glued them in the correct category.
Most of these activities come from my Nutrition Unit and my Write the Room Literacy Centre Nutrition Theme.
I even have a cute Going Shopping! game where your students have to turn over a card and match it to a picture on their shopping list so that they can place it in their carts. So much fun!
(Sorry, forgot to take a picture!)
Happy weekend!


  1. Great set of photos to see all that you guys do! Looks like a good time (full of learning of course)

  2. Have I contacted you yet about participating in Booking across Canada? We'd love to have you!


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