Such a silly week!

We had such a silly week!
It's nearly March Break ... yes, only 1 day left ... so we decided to have a lot of fun to celebrate!
We read a few Dr. Seuss books and worked on these centres:
All of my kinders are getting really good at reading those sight words!  I wanted to make sure that they understood that sight words are built with a certain number of letters....they caught onto this centre really quickly and loved it!
We keep working on rhyming sounds...this is definitely a challenge for some students!
Working on beginning sounds.
I think this was one of the most favourite centres this week...spinning and colouring fun!
Because we are off for March Break next week (and will be missing St. Patrick's Day) we talked a little about it and worked on a few centres for fun:
Clapping and listening for syllables.
We started learning about symmetry.  Students had to decide if the picture was symmetrical or not.
This is definitely a concept we will continue to work on in the upcoming months!
I had a game similar to this one out a few months back.  My students go crazy for games that involve dice!  Here they are rolling the die, reading the number on it, and bingo dabbing the matching number.  They have to keep playing until all the numbers are dabbed.  One group today played for nearly half an one seemed to be rolling a 3! HA!
Working on counting and writing numbers beyond 10.
Our expectation in Kindergarten is identifying and working with numbers to 10.  But I believe that if students are capable of doing that already (which most of them are!) then why not challenge them and introduce numbers beyond 10.  This centre focused mainly on the teen numbers.
You can see what else is included in my units by checking out the previews below:
Wishing you a very happy March Break!
Coming up next....EASTER!


  1. What a fun week!!! Love your centers!!!! We are also on break for 2 weeks!!!!!

  2. How do you make your spinners? I am using the old "paperclip & brad" trick. Can you buy the spinner parts to make "real" spinners? Thanks! Leanne

    1. Hi Leanne! You can buy plastic game spinners from teacher stores or online at School Specialty:
      These were the best things I ever purchased! MUCH easier for kids to use than my old way of using paperclip and brad.


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