S is for Scarecrows!

Fall is definitely here...it's been getting colder and colder, though, that I'm hoping my next blog post won't say "winter is here"!
With Halloween over, we started on our mini unit, Scarecrows!
Here's what we are doing this week during our centre time.
I don't know what it is about magnifying glasses - my students absolutely LOVE to use them!
The students used the magnifying glasses to read the hidden sight words in the hay and circle them in the appropriate colour.
At this centre, students put a smiley face in the box if the picture started with an "s" sound.  If it didn't, they put a frown.
I teach a JK/SK split class (equivalent to Pre-K, K split) and so some activities are tailored to my JK needs.  This centre was all about rolling the colour die and colouring in the corn the correct colour.
Here is our Pocket Chart activity for the week.  It's such a hit!  They can all do this centre independenly because it's based on repetitive texts and the worksheets all follow the same pattern of circling the sight words and/or writing them in, colouring the picture to match, and writing/finding the colour words.  You can find this activity in my best-selling All Year Long Pocket Chart Fun packet on TpT.
 This is our Write the Room centre for the week - all about Fall!
I hid these leaves all around the room (they have Fall words on them, like scarecrow, perfect for this week!) and the kids go on a hunt around the room and find them.  Then they record their answers on a worksheet.  I chose this worksheet for the week since it's all about finding certain words that match and reading simple sentences.
I have this game all set up to play tomorrow.  You turn over the scarecrow and read the sight word.  If you can read it, you keep it as a point for your team (I split my class in half or your can kids play individually).  If you get the crow, you must put all your words back.  After I introduce this and we play it as a whole group, I will put it out as one of my centres during my Literacy Block.
All of the above activities (except the Pocket Chart and Write the Room activities) can be found in my new unit, Scarecrows Literacy and Math Activities, on TpT.

Be sure to check back soon and read about Peace Week in our classroom!


  1. everything looks great! we love your write the room and pocket chart activities!they are our favorites! i am introducing the scarecrow hidden words later this week. they will go crazy over the magnifying glasses!

  2. Looks like so much fun!

  3. I love all of the centers that your kids get to do. Your class must love coming to school everyday! I would love to know what your daily schedule is and when you get to do all of these fun centers. Can you please email me at richarvj@lcps.k12.va.us


  4. I've seen another blogger talk about Peace Week. I'm anxious to learn more about it.

    Granny Goes to School

  5. What a great way to combine reading the room with writing meaningful and readable sentences. Love it. Thanks!


  6. I love all these activities, especially the pocket chart ones!
    Grade ONEderful
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