Bring on the Bears!

Is it just me or are there any other Canadian teachers out there that could really use a Thanksgiving weekend off!
Where did my weeekend go?  Today during our Morning Routine, we were discussing the fact that today is Monday and we were all home on Saturday and Sunday (for the weekend).  One of my little guys said, "Why do we only stay home for 2 days, we should stay home for 5 days and go to school for 2 days!"
YES!!!!  Now you're talking!
I say this child runs for politics!
Last week was Peace Week in our class.  I have done this for the second year in a row now and I have to tell you, what a difference it makes in our classroom!  I'm trying to keep it going this week too!
During Peace Week, I read the story Peace Week in Miss Fox's Class.
We talk about what it means to be peacemakers and colour a little "person" to put up on our Religion wall.  Every time I hear the students saying something nice to another or playing nicely with each other, I reward him or her with a sticker.  Let me tell you, LOTS of stickers were given out last week!
You can read more about Peace Week from my post last year.  Click here to see it.
We also made these Remembrance Day poppies on crosses using rolled up tissue paper.  This is a picture of the display in front of Mrs. Parisi's class.
This week we introduced our Bears Theme.  It comes complete with a full blown Pajama Party at the end of it - Bear Paw treats, bear crowns, teddy bears everywhere, the WORKS!  That will be happening later on this week.  In the meantime, we worked on these fun things!
We labeled the bear (sorry - I can't seem to get these pictures to turn!).  And then the students worked on this....
We worked on patterning - AB and ABC patterns.
We measured different bears using unifix cubes and recorded our answers.
Putting the numbers in order from 1-10.
Lots more coming up on bears!  We are just getting started!
You can find these activities and a WHOLE lot more in my Bears Literacy and Math unit on TpT.


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